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Any Star Trek Fans out here??

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I just found out something interesting!!

My Godchild - Sierra Burton is the granddaughter of actor LeVar Burton. This is the man who plays Geordi from Star Trek. He was also on the reading rainbow.

Her mother is my best friend, and her father is LeVar's son. Let me tell you.. Sierra looks just like her father and grandfather.

Anyone want autographs?
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I am a Trekie I would love an autograph.

How long have you know the family? You didn't know this before? Do you know what he is doing now?
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Rob is a loyal Star Trek viewer. He's always correcting me when I get a characters name wrong.

(But I do it on purpose just to annoy him!)
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I love Star trek, especially The Next Generation. That is cool about Levar! It is a small world .
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Sign me up as a lifetime Trekkie. I just had an earring custom-made that resembles the Bajoran-style earring with the chain connecting an upper and lower piece.
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Thats so cool!!!! :rainbow: TNG was my favorite of all the Star Trek series- I still love watching the reruns. I loved Geordi, but Worf was my absolute favorite
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I have known the family about 6 months. Her mother and I are really really good friends, and coworkers. She only recently asked me to be Godmother of her absolutely BEAUTIFUL daughter Sierra.

I just found out about it not too long ago. Janeris and Eian aren't together anymore though Eian is a very good and active father to Sierra. LeVar is Eian's father.

I haven't met LeVar in person yet, but I will talk to Eian and see if I can snag some autographs.
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I am a huge fan of star trek!!
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