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Jealousy Between Two Cats

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I just got 2 cats from a friend, sisters, a year old. They are well-behaved and VERY loving. Willow especially loves to cuddle. The second I sit down, she's in my lap purring and treading, one paw on each side of my neck in a hug, with her head nestled under my chin. It's very sweet. The other cat, Amber, also loves to be petted and scratched, although she does seem a bit more independent. But every time I even get CLOSE to her, Willow gets between us and chases her off. She also growls at her when they're eating, and when they play-fight, she is always the dominant one. It's gotten to the point where Amber knows the only time we can spend together is if she sneaks in my room in the middle of the night when Willow is asleep and wakes me up! I'm glad to give her attention but I can't be woken up all night, and I'm sick of Willow's selfish, domineering ways. Is there anything I can do?
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Maybe if you try putting Willow in another room for a time and spend some time alone with Amber that might work out. I am no expert and I am sure you will get some really helpfull replys from more experienced people here. Good luck.
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It sounds like a jealousy issue as well as a territorial issue. Elinor has the right idea. Put Willow in a room for a little while while Amber gets some attention. Another thing I have found that helps with some issues like this is the Dr Bachs rescue remedy. I would give it to Willow and work on petting one and then the other. After time, she may get the idea that there's enough love to go around and may even be comfortable with her status in the house.
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I agree with Elinor. My cats are like that from time to time. My lap cat chases my aloof cat away a lot b/c she lets him. When the mood is perfect and Romeo is bird watching, Chloe will be affectionate. The sec. he comes around, she's out the door. The best thing is to take Amber in another room so Willow can't monopolize your time with Amber.
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I think in that situation I would not put the other cat into a room - I would put Willow on the floor and go and pick up Amber and set her in my lap and give her cuddles and attention, then after a few minutes swap cats. The reason i would do this is because it shows both cats that you love them equally and that they should not be jealous of the time that you spend with them and maybe Willow will learn to accept that.

Let us know what happens

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