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My 4.5 month old cat Zeera keeps panting...he doesn't really have to be doing anything he just starts panting...why is he doing this? Should I be concerned more than I already am?
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I'm not an expert here but I would have the kitten checked by a vet to eliminate any problems. The sooner the better.
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Yeah cats dont normally pant unless they're dehydrated or just ran REALLY hard. Zoey panted once after I ran her too hard with the laser light.

How long has this been going on?
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Go to the vet! Better safe than sorry.
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Are you doing anything to cause her to pant? Like playing with her hard with an interactive toy? Is it hot where you are right now?

If the answer to both of these is no, then a vet visit is in order. Panting can be a sign of a heart problem, asthma, or other lung problems. I wouldn't rush her to the ER clinic, but I would call your vet first thing in the morning and take her in tomorrow.
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Cats will also pant when they're stressed, too hot, or just scared. If they're doing it all the time definitely go to the vet. If it's too hot there you may want to consider investing in AC.
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