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Red kitties rock! I'm gonna go find my red kitty pictures!
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This is my RB cat named Kiddy. I love the psycho kiddy picture toward the bottom!

Our handsome boy again!
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Here is Scrappy Cat a feral we took in. When she had kittens we were able to find homes for two and we kept two, which they are inside kitties. She was spayed in June and is now the outside Queen Kitty, ruler of the garage.
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Your Scrappy Cat is cute I like now she is the ruler of the garage lol thats a good one
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Momofmany you crack me up : I don't like to be called "Orange-head" that is to funny
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Yes Ruler of the Garage. We have another black cat (feral) Blackie she bosses around. If he does not look at her right she will give him a slap across the head. He does not fight back just take the abuse. ANd we have a dog who wants Scrappy to play, but she just turns her head and walks away. She has given him a few hits and hisses. And for me if I do not pet her she will slap my ankles
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Tillie is another red girl kitty; we call her Empress Tillie (she acts like we are all beneath her) and sometimes The Tillinator. Yes, red girls are special!
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Awwwwww she is so beautyful Sue
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Thank you! She is a sweetheart and loves to give kisses, just don't dare to pick her up or try to hold her, that is against the rules. She is not a cuddly kitty at all.

Well, after all, she is royalty, you wouldn't expect her to act like a peasant!
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Such cute, wonderful kitties! There was a Hagar cartoon once where Hagar was surrounded by kitties and his wife says, "No, Hagar, orange cats are not an endangered species."

I'm like Hagar, I want them all!
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And she sure look like ROYALTY , what a sweetie
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Ahhhhh *** Tillie *** . She looks like an Empress!
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