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Update on Pepper

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I haven't posted anything about Pepper in a long while (he is a rescue kitty that we got about a year ago). Today is a big day because he's going from an indoor/outdoor guy to a fully indoor one we hope. He used to stay inside when we got him, but after we moved to a new house he started escaping. (With a dog who goes in and out 100 times a day it's hard to keep a cat that wants out from bolting out the door!) We gave up and let him come and go as he liked. Well unfortunately he's gotten rather aggressive with the neighborhood dogs if you can believe it, and we have decided to keep him inside to prevent any further problems. He's been free to come and go for only 4 months so we are hoping he'll adjust back to being inside, and we're going to put in double the effort to make it work.

As for the aggressiveness he's always been a very brave kitty, and he's grown up around our dane and we can only assume he's just gotten so used to playing with her that he thinks he can "play" with the neighborhood dogs the same way. But of course when he runs up to a strange dog to play he doesn't get the same reaction he does from Bella.

Anyway to help him make this transition I got him a new cat tree, tons of toys, and made him a "play box" today. Now, what you've been waiting for, here are some pics of my cute guy! (some are blurry but funny I thought)

I think he had a good day, don't you?
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Catnip stealer!!

He really is beautiful
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great pictures! I love the catnip one.
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He's gorgeous and looks like quite the charmer.
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Crossing my fingers that it works out, you're certainly spoiling him enough!
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He's adorable!
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I'd never let him out of my sight. What a pretty boy!
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Pepper's markings are incredible! He's so handsome!
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He is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.
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Pepper is so beautiful , great pictures of him .
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Oh Sunni Jean! Pepper is gorgeous!
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pepper looks cute...esp the one with the catnip....
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