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Cat Shows

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I figured I would show everyone what a cat show generally looks like.
This is the benching area and this is what we mean by cage curtains.
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This is what the judging area looks like and of course this is Imagyne AKA Ken doing household pets.
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This is Rene in the judging area doing household pets. Not a great pic since my batteries were dying, but it's the only pic we have.
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Rene also did a great time judging. I feel awful that I took all of those pictures of Ken and I didn't take any of Rene. My camera was packed away in the suitcase. I know that is no excuse. Sorry Rene
I promise next time to take lots of pictures! And by the way Sandie made those beautiful cage curtains!!
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isn't technology grand?!?!? I love that we are able to see pics from 2 days ago. It's almost like we were all there.

thanks Sandie for posting them!
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BTW Deb25 I was really P'd because I was DYING to take a picture of the exit sign for HoHo Kuss on the way to the cat show. Like I said, my camera batteries died. We passed the exit every day to and from the show hall. I was thinkin about you though
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This is the aftermath of a cat show
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When I was up there for my reunion, you were the first person I thought of when I saw the sign! There I am smiling away like a fool in the car saying "Hi Sandie!" :LOL:
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Maybe next time you go home you can plan it around a show. We always have them in either Ramsey,Netcong or Dumont. The one in Dumont is somewhat off of Oradell Ave. We could get all the Jersey people there
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Originally posted by Sandie
This is the aftermath of a cat show

That is too precious! What a priceless photo!
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We always have such a great time, we need to get some of the cat site people to come to our shows and maybe even show their cat - the New Jersey people come to the Jersey shows - Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut people come to our CT shows and the Florida people come to our Florida shows - just log on to aace.inc.org and find out where and when the shows are - we will be there!

Judging was loads of fun, my Abysinnians did great - Merlot taking three Allbreed Best Cats and Honey taking a best cat in Specialty - she had to beat Merlot to get that one! And of course, Beta, Star and Milo all did well - but this weekend's star was really Billy who became an Imperial over the weekend. Moo got his regal and Milo got his Quadruple Imperial! These titles represent a lot of dedication and shows to get there.
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For those of us in ignorance out there (me), can you bring us (me) up to speed on all of these titles you are throwing around? I've never been to a cat show before. The biggest show I ever get is Squirt rolling wround on a black olive!
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These pictures really make me want to go to a CAT SHOW. :pinky: I don't suppose you all ever come as far west as MO. ? ? ?

Does a cat have to pass any "Special Requirements" to be entered in a "HOUSE PET" category?

I extend Hearty Congratulations to all the "babies" that took titles!!!!
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Okay, I will try my best to explain this. With household pets, the only requrement is a clean well groomed cat. Of course you don't them biting or scratching the judges. They look for clean ears,clean coat, bright eyes,clipped nails and then personality. With household pets after all the cats meet that requirement it is the judges personal choice.
Okay, now for the point system. There are 2 types of judges, you have specialty and allbreed. Specialty judges divide the group into 2 classes..long hair and short hair. Allbreed judges do all the cats at one time. So if you have 20 cats in household pet and 6 are short hair and 14 longhair they would split them up in a specialty ring.
Point system... Top 10 awards given if 20 or more cats are entered. Top 5 for 10-19, top 3 for 5-9 and top 1 for 1-3. For household pets
Allbreed final 1st=100pts 2nd=90pts 3rd=80 pts ETC. For a specialty Final 1st=75pts 2nd=65 pts 3rd=55 pts ETC.
The Titles...Regal is 500 pts, Double regal is 500 more pts, triple regal is 500 more pts and quad regal is 500 more pts. Imperial is Quad Regal plus 1000 more points. Then you need 1500 more points to hit quad imperial. To get Superior you need the Quad imperial plus 1000 points with 1 Best allbreed final or 2 Best specialty finals. That is the top for household pets.
For Pure breed cats it's a little different. It would take a lot of typing to explain the whole process. It's a little harder than the household pets. But with the household pets you get a general idea of the whole process.
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Sandie; Thank you for taking the time to explain cat judging of Household Pet category to me.
You are such a dear to take the time to enlighten a such as I. Now I am all excited about entering my "Handsome Boyo" in a cat show. (of course I would have to enter MoMo at the same time or he would be so-o-o-o hurt. . . . ) I will have to check around and try to find out when the next show around St. Louis is. I will have to have someone who is as "Crazy for Cats" as I am go with me so I won't be alone if Handsome Boyo looses(lol):laughing2
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I have a question as I'm sure someone else has the same question. My 2 yr.old female cat(the 1 I think has some Bombay in her) is pretty enogh to enter in household category. But how do I condition her. Is ther some way I can work with her? She's not really shy. She's pretty brave around strangers. But she has an attitude & will hiss at hte judges. Do you have any suggestions? There's a show coming to B.R. in Feb. 2002 I believe so I have plenty of time to work with her.
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Congradulation to you and Billy, for Billy becoming an Imperial.

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Getting a kitty ready for a cat show both in behavior and grooming is really fun. Everytime one of your friends comes over or family have them handle your cat - Have them pick her up and feel her fur back and forth as if looking for fleas and dirt. Have them check her ears (for cleanliness) and have them feel her toes (to see that the claws are there and clipped back nicely). Have them look at her eyes (bright and clear, no gookies). Have them pet her and play with her for a few minutes with a teaser just to get her used to playing "on command" if possible. Judges are always impressed if the cat will play (and purr). Then you take her and give her some baby food on a spoon as a treat. This is what we give our show cats after they come back from the ring - it is a reward for doing well in the ring (especially for not biting the judge). We only give baby food at a show or when socializing for a show. We get turkey or chicken baby food. Have fun and good luck - keep us posted!
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Not really interested in entering any cat shows at the moment, but I was wondering if, like dog shows, you can only show altered animals in junior showmanship competitions?
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In a cat show Altered cats get just as many awards as the whole cats. They use the same point scale. They are just judged against other altered cats.
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