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Due to my current work flow, I must resign as PenPal Queen!

Please PM me if you are interested in taking over.


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u know, i'm kinda free..i dun really mind...but i'm not even sure how it works...
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Pen Pal Queen or King... will be in charge of communication between members.

1. Getting information
2. Who gets paired up with whome
3. Sending our reminders
4. Dealing with the members who need a little "TLC" - you know who you are.
5. Making sure members are receiving "something"

Thats about it....

~*~*~ Pen Pal Rules ~*~*~

* You must send your pen pal at least one email/letter/package every month. (We have many members that are unable to commit to once a week, and I would like every one to participate)

* If you do not send something to your pen pal รขโ‚ฌโ€œ I will be forced to drop you from the list and replace you. Let's not let this happen!

* Gifts are not mandatory! (I want everyone to be able to join, and not feel obliged to "buy" something)

* It is up to you.... you can keep it a secret or you can tell your pen pal whom you are.

* You will have your pen pal for 3 months - then we'll switch and allow new members to join.
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hey Lhezzza, i wouldn't mind doing that..might just need some coaching in the fist few days though..
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Kate Ang:

Thanks for your offer.... There are a few other memebers who have PM'ed me who are also interested.

I will keep everyone updated...

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When does the new one start? I'd LOVE to take part
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I think the next "Pen Pal Season" was supposed to start at the the beginning of september, so I quess all names would have to be in by the end of August.
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Lhezzza, you were a Superb Pen Pal Queen during your reign!!

Thank you for all your work!!!

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Originally posted by Pollyanna
I think the next "Pen Pal Season" was supposed to start at the the beginning of september, so I quess all names would have to be in by the end of August.

Ok so who do we give our names to?
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Whoever Lhezzza decides to hand the crown over to. I am sure she will let everyone know.

Lhezzza you did a great job while you were in charge. Thanks for that!
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Thanks for being a great .

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That sounds likes fun, I'd like to do that to be pen pal.
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So did another penpal thing get started?

I really like to be involved again.
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DragonLady is in charge of the PenPals right now you can PM her for info
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k thanks!

Isn't it a bit late to be up Hissy?'s 12:30 am here...
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I'm waiting up for Anne-
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I think there will be a christmas type pen pal thing or something, happening in the festivity.
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oooooo!!! secret santa or white elephant? that would be soooo coool!!! well not necessarily 'santa' theme since not everyone celebrates 'christmas' but still something secret or a white elephant.

White elephant is where you give someone, it's a secret thing also, something worthless or unique from your house, don't have to buy anything, unless you have to or want to, and send it to that person you are assigned to. Then you reveal yourself at the end. It's different from secret 'santa' because it's something from your house or a gag-gift type thing. Pretty funny to see what you end up with LOL!
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This sounds very interestying, in all of my life I've never had a pen pal. I wouldn't know the first thing about it. I would be very interested in learning though.
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