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Take the Ultimate 80's Quiz!

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Give yourself a bit of time. There are 100 questions!

I got a score of 76.

Ultimate 80s Quiz
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HOW FUN!!! I got 69! Thanks for posting that!!
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Why weren't there more questions on music????? THOSE I knew all of the answers to!

I'm a Silver Cube, Brat Packin'

I got 70.
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That was cool- I got 83 thanks Deb!
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I do remember this stuff though!! Regal Beagle
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I got a 54.
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Hubby got a 67.

Was it just us or were there a LOT of Family Ties and Back to the Future questions? (I didn't watch Family Ties, so I got a lot of them wrong )
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I am a brat packian - I scored 75, had a problem with the music questions, naturally
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I thought i knew most of those but ended up getting a 42 out of 100...that stinks!
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I got a 62. I'm with you Heidi, why didn't they have more music questions? I only got one wrong...
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I got a 63. What a bummer! I was old enough to remember mostof this stuff. I just didn't know the actors/actresses names.
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Got a 47 - didn't know a single TV question but aced the music.

How about 1970's quizes????
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I got a 51, I answered most of the movie questions right. I guess a score of 50 is pretty good seeing as how since i was born in 81 I only remember half of the 80s.
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I got a whopping score of 36.

Haha...I suck. But I wasn't born until 1986.
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I got a 71. I got a silver brat packian rubix cube! LOL!
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75. Woo .
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I only got a 57.. hm. I was born in 1980.. I missed all the music ones lol, I guess I missed the new wave..
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I got a 91.
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I only got 62. Too many cartoon questions. I never watched cartoons. I've never liked them, except for The Smurf, and The Jetsons.
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LOL!!! Iceman can you gag a spoon? LOL!!
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I got a score of 70.
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I got - -------------------OLD

does 42 count ?? I only knew half of them and that was the music ones - I was not around until late 69, I was at school some of the 80's but half that stuff was not on TV here.

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Man...I thought I'd do better, but I got a 46. I love 80's music...but I bombed those questions and the cartoon ones too.
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Well considering I was born in 1990 I really didn't know any of the questions apart from one!- My score was 33/100 and my comment was " Like you should totally gag yourself witha spoon"


LOL Cool Quiz!
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Got a 58 - the music questions knocked me out of the box. I gave up on rock and roll, when disco came in!
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