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Ken's first time as a judge

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This is Ken's first time judging at a AACE Cat Show. I took lots of pictures! He did an awesome job!
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Judging Billy (my cat)
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This is Donna, telling everyone about her cat MooShoo
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This is one where he cat my cat Billy a First Place Ribbon!
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This is Donna's beautiful MooShoo in the Hotel Room!
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Last one! This one is of me telling everyone about my cat Billy. I know alot of them had my cat Billy in them, but I am a little partial to him!
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thanks for the photos! it's so great to be able to share a little bit in what you guys do.

:daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower:
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Great job with the camera. You're becoming a real pro at it! Thanks for the pictures. I absolutely LOVE that one of Moo. It makes him look innocent and angelic! I had a blast. You made it possible. Thanks.


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A couple more picutes. Here is my cat Madison in the Hotel room.
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And here's Billy in the Hotel room.
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Love the pictures. Feel like I was there. Even the hotel rooms look familiar. One thing you forgot, where was the pics of the wine sessions like we always have before and after dinner. Thanks for sharing.

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My thoughts are the same as Airprincess': it's nice to take a peek into what you guys do! Thanks for sharing.
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Being that I am extremely vain.....

I don't like those pix of me....

I look all....umm...errr....uhh.. Icky and stuff..

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But Michelle did do a great job of taken em...

She's such a sweetie!!!!!

I love you guys... *sniff*
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Great pics! Ken I think you look great, especially in this shirt
Shall use these picture for the members gallery? Same question goes to you Michelle...
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Ummmmm If you would, I think I like the pic of me with my daughter better....
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My big mouth is open but I guess that's how it always is so you can use the picture.
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Ken; Handsome wants to know if you can come to St Louis to judge if he is in a show? (he says he has a nice, shiny quarter and more where that came from. . . if you get his drift ? ? ? :dali:
MoMo says he has real "Folding" if you DON"T favor Handsome. . . . . .

By the way, the pictures were great, Michele, thanks for helping us enjoy the "Show" from afar.
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Ken, you look fantastic behind the judging table. I guess I taught you well. Guys, for your info, when I judge Ken is usually my clerk (which means he keeps me in line about judging) and his daughter is my ring steward (Ken can explain that one). Also, I've always loved that shirt and mentioned it to my husband once at a show and didn't know until we got home that he bought one. He also has a shirt that says "Cat Dad".

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Hey Imagyne,

I was showing the pictures of you and MooShoo to one of my co-workers a couple of minutes ago and she said too bad there weren't others as good looking as you out there. But like, don't let it go to your head or nuthin, kay???? I also told her your age for clarification. Of course for a couple of I could always lie.

Later dude!!

:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

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Madison and Billy are beautiful.

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