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Poor Marble and Nimby!!!!

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On tuesday I took a shower in the morning and forgot to close the bathroom door when I left. I was blow drying my hair and looked up to see a very wet and unhappy Marble! He must have jumped in the tub when I was done and got soaked! Well this morning after my husband took a shower nimby did the same thing They look soooo funny all wet. Poor guys were not very happy!
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Poor babies, guess they wanted to know first hand what all the fuss was about in there.
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Hehe! I'm sure they wouldn't think it was funny . . . but that's too cute!
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LOL my Logan used to always walk along the tub edge whenever I was taking a bath. I used to warn him he'd fall in one day but he wouldn't believe me. The funniest thing was the look he gave me when he did "how dare you do this to me" . All my cats seem to poke there head in when someones in the bath, most of the time I think their saying "whatever you did it couldn't possibly deserve that punishment.
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That happened to Rocky the first day we brought him home...Sam had just gotten out of the bath, and the water wasn't drained all the way, and I guess Rock thought there wasn't anything there, and he jumped right in and he flew right out....it was so sad and funny too at the same time...he had that look on his face like, you laugh, and you die!
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That's funny! At least he didn't fall in the toilet!
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hmmm...thank god I do not have a bath tub at home..but talking of toilets, meow meow did fall into the toilet bowl when she was smaller and younger and when she got out of it, she had that what the heck you looking at kinda look.. i couldn't resist laughing and i went into my own room and hide in there for a good 15 mins laughing my heads off...
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This all makes me remember Shasta when she was small, walking along the edge of the bath tub, to where my toes were sticking out of the bubbles. With kitten determination, she reached out to bat the toes and, of course, fell in. That wasn't bad enough. She then spluttered out the other side of the tub and found herself climbing a slippery wall. Back into the tub, and out spluttering onto the bath mat. I did take pity on her and get out to wipe her down, and help her dry off. But it sure was difficult not to bust a gut laughing!

Then there's Fawn, who waits for her Daddy to finish in the "Rain Room" AKA shower. Then she goes into the shower stall, sits down in the steam and ponders "life, the universe and everything" for a while.Beats me...
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Sara, if she gets in the bathroom while anyone is showering will scream bloody hell, then you peek out the curtain to see what the fuss is and she'll be all puffed out down to her tail. Ever seen a Mainecoon completely puffed? She's the size of my Lincoln.
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All my cats have jumped into a tub full of water at one at least once in there lives.....there is a lesson to be learned.....look before you leap !!
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