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Fern has had her set-back

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Please say a small prayer or a large one. I am taking mother and kittens into the vet to see what he can determine. She is lethargic now with not a lot of oomph. I leave in a few minutes...
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Prayer said.

I hope the vet can get Fern feeling better and back to her healthy, happy self!

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My prayers will be with Fern. Please keep us updated on how she and her kittens are doing.

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I'll be thinking about you and Fern. I hope they can determine what the problem is and an effective way to treat it. Keep us updated.
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Fern has been diagnosed with giardia and anemia. The vet said she is just plain wore out from nursing these babies for 5 weeks on whatever food she could scrounge up. She is on meds now, and is to be separated from her kittens at least for 12 hours a day. When she is with them, I am still supposed to spray bitter apple on her nipples to keep them off of her. All the cats were wormed, and everyone was falling in love with them in the office. Unfortunately, all of the office staff have enough animals of their own.
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I hope and pray all gos well with Fern. The poor thing.
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I will say that the diagnosis fits with the reasons why Fern chose to show up when she did. The poor thing somehow knew she couldn't manage on her own anymore. (That's the part where you come in). I hope that she gets better soon. She sounds like a terrific mother.
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Prayers are being sent along with a candle in the window. Please let us know and if necessary, I'll get on my greyhound board and ask for prayers. They've been there for me and my cats and others. Heck, I'm on my way there now to ask.

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Hissy - I'm glad they figured out what was wrong with poor Fern. I hope she recovers quickly. Poor girl, I'm glad she found you.
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This is my first time reading any of the posts in the Cat Lounge. Wow! What a first post to read. My heart goes out to you and Fern. Bless you for rescuing this poor momma and her babies. Thank goodness she was diagnosed with something treatable.
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Kitty hugs and kisses from our house to yours.

:lips: :lips:

Sure am glad that you now know what is wrong with Fern and can now help her!
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Aren't animal instincts phenominal? Somehow Fern found the strength to bring her babies, one at a time, from God knows how far away; to where she would receive help keeping them alive. . . . I DO BELIEVE that animals communicate and one of your ferals passed on the "Good Word" about where help could be found. . . . . I will pray that Fern has a rapid and total recovery. Thank you, again, Hissy and Mike, for taking in this family.
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Her temp is 103.8 and she is just lying around. It doesn't help that it is 95 degrees and the only safe place to keep her is upstairs. I have the fans going the windows open but right now the sun is full force up there so I've brought her downstairs and put her in the cage. She has been in the cage before and usually paces and meows but now she is just lying in the corner. I am hoping it is the heat oppressing her and nothing else. The kittens are sleeping in a pile in the middle of the living room floor, such cuties they are!
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I am so sorry that Fern is not doing better. It must be very hard for you to watch her like this. I will keep thinking about you and Fern and the precious babies and will hope and pray that she will get better soon.
Sending a kitty angel to look over you and yours.
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Poor little Fern. I hope she's getting over the crisis. Please let us know how she's doing. I'll be praying for her speedy recovery.
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Fern; We all pray that you are feeling better today! And that it is cooler in Oregon. Muddy Rivers, Handsome, Squeaker, Smokey, Bookey, & MoMo also the outside duo,
Cindy/Cindy & Morning Glory
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