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Little Help, please!!!

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Hi guys!!!

Yesterday, when I got home I noticed our kitten had his lower jaw swollen, and he was not meowing and screaming like he used to, also he did not eat any of his food, so I decided to give him some soft munchies but he did not want to eat them either until I crumbled them up and he could lick them out of my hand, so I thought he had to have some pain. He was also to calm for his personality.

This morning his jaw was better, he was bitting me and my wife (and every thing else he found on his path) and he was a little happier, I was wondering what could have happend to him, or is this normal stuff for kitties, he is like 4 to 5 months old.

Any help would be appreciated....

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Perhaps a tooth is not growing in correctly? 4-5 month olds have a lot of things going on with their teeth. Have you tried to look at his mouth, or will he even let you?

If he doesn't get better today, suggest that you get to your vet.
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I would suggest a vet visit to be on the safe side. It could have been a spider bite, or a tooth problem or something else.
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Could he maybe have been stung by a bee?
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He does let us see his mouth but when we touch it he kinda wants to get away, but we saw a little white spot under his front teeth/fangs. He is an inside cat only, so I dont think a bee sting could be the problem, maybe a spider could have done something.

I will take the vet advice and take him to her if we dont see any improvement on his jaw, my wife tells me tha he saw him eating his regular food in the morning, so i thing he is better.

Question (maybe kinda dumb): Do cats loose their teeth or something like that?, somebody once told me dogs do.

Thanks for all the help!!!
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