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For those of you who work

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what are your jobs?? are you a sales associate, customer service rep., nurse, teacher??? what do you do?
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Receiptionist, I get to calm all the people that call yelling. At least til I transfer them & they can yell at the right people.
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I manage people that build computer systems. If you are familiar with Dilbert, I would be the pointy-haired boss.
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I'm a telephone operator.
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I'm a staffing coordinator at an employment agency. I send temps out on assignments.
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Here you go Kathi- we did this awhile back, it was pretty fascinating what everyone does:

What do you do?
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Here is my update as of last week. I am an Employment Insurance Adjudicator. Employment Insurance is the Canadian government's payment plan for people who are out of work, including sicknees, maternity, parental and compassionate leave. I deal with the adjudication of contentious issues - things that include quit, misconduct, availability for work etc. I am required to know legislation, federal court rulings and jurisprudence as I will also right appeals in response to client appeals of my decisions. So far it is a lot of studying, but very interesting.
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LOL that's funny I'm a receiptionist for a workman's comp company.
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I am a computer techie, dear god help me, this virus is killing our systems.
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I have started to work from home now because of Arthritis.
I work for my Son. I do customer service and data entry.
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I forgot to mention that I am also a singer and songwriter, which is starting to pay a little bit lately, so that is another part of my income.
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I work for a real estate broker. I answer the phones and file... that is 40 hours. And then I run my own small business (cat collars and jewelery) that takes up a good amount of time. And then I have my 12 kitties to take care of.
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Originally posted by DTetrev
LOL that's funny I'm a receiptionist for a workman's comp company.
And I am a Case Management Nurse for people out on worker's comp!
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I just got a new job & I start on Tuesday
I am Marketing co-ordinator for a theatre co.
I also get to live by the sea. VVV excited
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Congrats Catherine!!!

I'm Administrative Assistant/Marketing for a mechanical engineering firm. OK, so I'm really a receptionist with a lot of other duties. On the side, I'm the webmaster for Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy, and I've just "started" (one client so far ) The Cat's Meow Graphics.
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I'm a lab technician for a Bio-Tech company. I mix drugs and chemicals, Grow cultures for prepping DNA, Spec the dna for quality and take pictures of it, make acid buffers and dabble a bit in DNA cloning. (No human or animal stuff!)
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I'm a SAHM
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Danielle~ Do you have human kids as well as kitty kids??
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I work from home, I advertise online and share the home businees I am involved with....with other people who are interested in working from home. I also work my butt off just being a wife, Mom, and pet owner.
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I am a "Govenment Parts Sales Administrator" for a company that makes heavy trucks. I get to do every sales job from some of my own data entry, to running and bidding on multi-million dollar gov. contracts (oh! the regulations and rules), to dealing with issues like "We broke this switch on our truck, I don't have a part number, and I don't know where on the truck it came from but it has two wires." Never a dull day at work for me.
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I'm a data analyst assistant..basically i look at data and verify that they are right and the system generates the right data....
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My main job starting Monday is a student. I study music and occasionally I get paid to play in different orchestras, but nothing very steady. To pay my bills I work for a pet sitting agency.
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I work in a Biology research lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech ). I'm also a full-time student there, majoring in Biology. (Surprise, surprise, hehe.) I work mostly on electro-physiology, but also do molecular work, such as cloning DNA, making RNA, etc.

I won't go into a lot of detail, since it's very long and involved and puts most people to sleep. But basically, if what I'm researching ends up working, I'll be getting calls from pharmaceutical companies; it could revolutionize the way drugs are made for people with severe illnesses, and I suppose much later on even affect OTC drugs. I love it.
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I am a Research Associate/staff in a clinical hematology lab, researching the role the immune system plays in bone marrow transplants and their outcomes. Also, since our national meeting (American Society of Hematology) is coming up and a majority of our lab is not native-English speaking, I've become the lab editor of all the abstracts we're submitting.
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I am an Office assistant. I work for a large company, but just in one section. I deliver mail, do typing, recycle. Just anything the secretary wants me to do. I do very little work on a computer, although I do have one for e-mail.
Another name for this job is a gopher.
It is not a very high paying job but I have epilepsy and can't take a lot of stress.
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Does a general servant to the customer service industry for the UK's largest gas company count as a job? I also train staff in what we do, occasionally feed them nuts and then put them in front of computers and say things like "you dont pay your bills - I cutta offa your gas!"
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I retired in 1993 from an Air Force Base after 35 years of protecting our perimeters LOL. I was just a civilan and I handled multimedia training programs in every subjet for the military wherever we had troops. Now, I just sit back and I'm glad its over cause now I can play with my kitties all day if I want.
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I'm Coordinator of Academic Records for a small theological college. We're small enough that everybody wears several hats, so when it comes to the student records, I do it all, from designing, building and maintaining the system, to data entry, reports, statistics, transcripts, etc. etc. Right now, with a new academic year about to start, a significantly revised curriculum, and a revised tuition/fee structure, I'm in the middle of a moderately large revision to the records system. Oh, and come spring, I'll be up to my eyeballs in preparations for Convocation. Never a dull moment.

It's neat, though, when I get a call from an alum who graduated 10 years or so ago (as happened this morning) and we spend most of the half hour or so of our conversation (this is not a local call) catching up.
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I work as a Logistics Consultant. I get to travel a lot but that means that I miss my Leo a lot. But luckily he has a daddy (my bf) who he gets to stay with
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I work...as a full-time mom, wife, chef, maid, gardner and cat poop cleaner. My job is non-stop except when sleeping even though I wake up 2-4 times throughout the sleep to feed my 10 month old. I do not get vacation or sick-leave nor any payment or over-time payment but I do get ocassional "thank-you."
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