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Vet recommended foods

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What do you guys think of this?? I have a fat cat that's on a diet and one that isn't. I asked the vet what to feed the one that's not on a diet and she said to stick to the well-known companies like: Purina-Iams-and science-diet. Needed some thoughts on this one.
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Science Diet and IAMS are foods that I stay away from. You pay so much for so little. Did you know that Science Diet is owned by Colgate? And IAMS is owned by Procter And Gamble? Both are big companies that want to make big bucks!

There are many cat foods that are better. I feed my cats Healthwise, which is a great food. Solid Gold, Wellness and Natural Balance are also top brands that contain no by-products. IAMS and Science Diet are both mostly grains. There is very little meat, which cats need so much of. Purina isn't too bad, but it's a low quality food.

Personally, I would go with Solid Gold or Healthwise!
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Actually before I went to vet I was looking into buying Wellness dry and wet. It's expensive but top ingredients.
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Those are the companies that do lots of research....that is why many vets feel they are good foods and often recommend them.
My vet thinks Innova is an excellent food but Im not sure how she feels about any other brands.

Crazy Cat Lover: I recently bought a small bag of Healthwise to try on mine and they really like it too.
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Canned food. Any brand will do.

What is putting weight on cats are the carbs from the dry food, and unlike dogs you will not get your cats to go out for a jog or chase after a ball for an hour each day. Cats are lazy and the hardest animals to put on a diet.

If you take a 5.5 oz can and start out by feeding 1/2 can twice a day than reducing to 1/4 can two-three times a day you will notice weight loss, but it takes time and patience. You cannot give up in a month b/c your kitty is still fat.

Also, you will not be starving your cat by reducing the food intake. Trust me, they will make you think you are but that is b/c they are used to either free feeding or getting a bowl full of dry.
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