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Gassy cat!

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Hi guys

Has anyone got any idea as to what could be causing slight diarrhea and bad gas in my one kitten. It is so bad that sometimes when I pick her up she lets off! And smelly!

I did see the vet about the diarrhea and he gave me some medicine to give her that hasn't really worked. I am taking her back today to try something else. But I was wondering about the gas.

Would pumpkin help with this? How do you get your cat to eat pumpkin?

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Hey Shadowfein.

It could be the food your kitten is eating. It may not agree with your kitten's tummy.

Also, I think that you can give them plain yogurt for loose stools as well. The canned pumpkin might be okay as well... I know it's used to help regularity.

With either the yogurt or pumpkin, you can try to just give her a little on a plate. If she won't voluntarily eat it, you could open her mouth like you do when you have to pill her and put a little in.

Oh, and out of curiosity, what was the medicine your vet gave you?

Hope your little girl gets better soon!
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It was called "Enteritis suspension" - smells like some sort of anti-biotic. He said that it has got kaolin in it and a small dose of anti-biotic.

I will try her with some yoghurt and then will attempt pumpkin (I hate it myself so am not holding out much hope in that department! )

I free feed her and her sister Royal Canin for Kittens, and in the evening give them a little wet food. The vet said that her bowel was irritated but not very badly so he didn't want to put her straight onto anti-biotics - he seemed to think it was also from something that she ate - a cricket or something - which is entirely possible.

Thanks for the advice. Maybe she is also just a flatualent kitten....

Thanks again.
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How old is the kitten? I start all my kittens out with about a half a teaspoon of canned pumpkin in their wet food- and my cats grow with a taste for pumpkin. Just nuke it a few seconds in the microwave to make it more tempting. I would also ask the vet to run a fecal to be sure the kitten didn't pick up a bacterial infection or parasites.
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She will be nine months old on the 8th September....

I will get her to the vet and get him to do the tests - he is excellent so it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks Hissy.
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Ok. So last night was interesting. I cooked her some pumpkin which she did not fancy at all! I had to give it to her as though it was a tablet. So now, the question is - how much to give her. I reckon I got about a teaspoon - a teaspoon and a half down her? Would that be enough? I haven't seen her faeces yet, so not sure if it has helped or not but the gas is getting BAD - it smells like horse gas. Kept on waking my husband and I up all night! I have made an appointment with the vet for this evening.

Funny thing is - Luca loves the pumpkin - she gobbled up an entire bowl while I was trying to give it to Tarka. Will it do her any harm?

Thanks a lot...
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Could very well be the food. Toes gets diarrhea and gassy if you feed him any of the mass-produced grocery store food (like Friskies or Purina). He does really well on Iams or Eukanuba.
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Ok, so Tarka went to the vet last night. He agreed that she is pretty gassy and said that she was prolly quite uncomfortable as well with it. He gave her liquid paraffin, to try and assist with releasing the gas, although he said that the diarrhea might get slightly worse, and he said that the gas would get worse before it got better (while it was all being released!). He also gave her synulox to sort out the diarhea!

As per my previous question - how much pumpkin would the cat need to eat to make a difference? Anyone?

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All the pumpkin will do is introduce fiber into the cat and firm up loose stool. If the cat is also experiencing stomach upset then perhaps cat grass would help you out more? Thankfully this problem is not life-threatening, just uncomfortable for your cat. I would look into the special food blends I have seen some that have high fiber added to them- I believe they were either Royal Canin or Science Diet?

If you are familiar with TTOUCH by Linda Tellington Jones, her book has a section in it about how to help massage and release the pressure on gassy animals.

But with the pumpkin, you start out with just a small amount, a teaspoon at best, mixed with canned food and nuked for a few seconds. Once the cat develops a taste for it, you slowly add more.
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I am chiming in really late, but my cats were on Royal Canin for a while, but I found that it made one of my cats very smelly. Knock you over with a feather smelly, whenever she went to the bathroom. So, it is still a possibility that it could be the food bothering Tarka. Good luck finding a solution.
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