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catnap failed....

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I tried to catnap those two small little kittens two nights ago but apparently they knew what I was up to and they escaped. Last night when I came home, I gave them food and I went back up. This morning in the wee hours, Boy boy climbed up the windows grille and was trying to look at something that's outside. I heard this little kitten meowing away but when I stepped out of the house, I couldn't see any so I got back into the house and fell asleep again.

Then it came again.. this time I found one of the little kittens outside my door... man, she must have come looking for me and I'm not sure why... I couldn't find the other one and I fear the worse. Mind you ppl, I stay on an apartment on the 9th floor. I'm curious how this small little fella managed to get her way up here.

I took her in, fed her and Meow was just growling at her. Well, she's not the only one that's growling...my parents were also..screaming their heads off and wanting me to bring the kitten back to where it belonged. I'm not sure. I'm kinda groggy now though I'm at work. Let's just see how things go..will keep you guys updated...
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How wonderful of you to take care of that little baby! I hope everything works out OK. Maybe you could ask your parents to let you have it long enough to find it a home, or give it to a vet who will find it a home for you, if they really don't want you to have it?
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You could put up found kitten posters. That way if they belong to someone there you could let them know about this site so they can become "cat experts" too!
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I dun think they belonged to anybody... their cat mommy is not even around when i first found them...now i just need to let the one at my place get used to the other two hissing and growling...then maybe my parents' growling will stop.... i really hope to keep the fella...he just pooped....
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hey guys, guess what..i let the small kitten go back to where it belonged.. the other sibling was calling for it so i guess it's best they stayed together...i'll feed them everyday and spend some time playing with them.... they are luckier..they've got a bigger playground then my two babies...
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Kate, are they still culling street cats in Singapore? I know that was going on a while back. I just want to be sure the little ones are safe out there.
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Not in my neighbourhood anymore. I'll be looking after them..but i guess they need to sharpen their claws against those bigger cats in the area.. in a small little garden, we have at least 30 cats hanging the same area... so it's kinda scary esp when u r small...
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