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Head's up on New Virus!!

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I just seen this on Yahoo News. I thought I'd warn everyone in case you haven't seen this yet. Oh..this is a different one than last weeks Blaster/LovSan virus!
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Just got this one in my inbox before I saw this thread. The subject line says, "Re: Details" and the message "Please see attached file for details."

Mine came from a website where I subscribe to a daily horoscope email.

Another day I am thankful I use a Mac. The deadly attachment wasn't even there for me.....
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I got this one at work today. Norton Antivirus (which I HATE!) didn't catch anything. I didn't open the attachment and it seems to be one of the older models of viruses that you actually have to open the attachment to activate it. At least I hope so!

Of course, I showed it to our IT guy and he didn't think anything of it. I bet he will tomorrow!
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123 viruses caught today by my virus checker (thank God) my friend got 110 viruses- she swears it's terrorists behind it getting ready to crush the internet world.
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I received about 100 virus messages last night - seems like a major attack. Not that anyone is targeting anyone specifically.

By the way, the address that you see where the virus was supposedly sent from is meaningless. The viruses fake that address, taking any random address from the address book of the person who was actually hit by the virus... You can then have people emailing you and telling you your computer had been infected because they got a virus from you. Not true - only means that the person that really was infected had your email address in his contacts.
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I have had one virus in the last month

and just tonnes of email spam!

geez dont people have better stuff to do with their time?
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This is getting crazy!!
I do not open any email that looks suspicious. I see a Mac for me in the near future.
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It is really affecting government computers in Canada. All of Quebec region is shut down for Employmnet Insurance division and it is what is causing so many problems in getting Ontario's power fully functional! This is a nasty one!
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