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Do your fur-babies . . .

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Play exterminator for you?

Luna does. We used to have problems with centipedes (God, how I hate those things), but now I only find a leg or antenna here and there. That's it. I haven't seen one since we got Luna. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. She kills any bug that manages to get in here. And unlike my mom's cats, she "cleans up," too. My mom's cats kill the bug, then leave it for my mom to find.
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Yep! Zoey can catch a fly and eat it before I can say "Get it Zoey!!!" I mean, I could try to catch a fly and it would probly take me 3 hours

She kills spiders too
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DEFINITELY a perk to owning a cat, IMO!
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my two fellas would catch all those flying insects and cockroaches, lizards but they never clean up after themselves....
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I usualy don't give a bug more then 10 minutes in my house . It is so funny to watch them with a fly , 10 or so cats running after one fly
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I think I have had about a dozen flys in my house all summer. The cats don't stop until it has been devoured.
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LOL, Hedi! I'll bet that's hilarious!
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
I usualy don't give a bug more then 10 minutes in my house . It is so funny to watch them with a fly , 10 or so cats running after one fly
You gotta take some pictures of this. Do the cats break things as they go on the hunt?
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Opie and Rowdy are champion flycatchers. Buddy likes to chase but, he can't catch, worth a hoot. Opie snags them, right out of the air, between his pads. Both he and Rowdy eat them.
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Nakita is the same. Unfortunately, she insists on killing everything in our backyard when we take her out for walks. Try running after a cat, on a leash, killing every insect (crawling or flying)in sight.

Let's just say our walks are quite the adventure!

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Slave2_Ragdolls they cant break anything any more . I don't have anything what could be brocken around .Well sometimes when we watch TV and they run like crazy , sometimes they run over our had or body it can be scary for a moment if you don't know what in the heck is going on
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
Play exterminator for you?
Unfortunately, most of the time Ivo just plays...She loves chasing flies and fruit flies around the apartment and out in the hallway, but usually I have to shoo them out or put them out of their misery (after Ivo has pawed and licked them near to death). She was really interested in a bee that flew into the apartment once, but I quickly killed and flushed it before she quite knew what was going on (I didn't want her to get stung). Also, I occasionally get the big palmetto roaches (the big copper-colored ones) in the apartment-they crawl up along the pipes from the basement. Most times Ivo has a lot of fun chasing them around, but I have to kill them. Although one morning I woke up to roach parts (legs and wings) lying on the floor. I don't know about anyone else, when I see a bug my first instinct is to kill it, and to heck with what Ivo might do...
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Feykirófa hunts and eats all flies that come inside, well, except for that bumble bees, she brings them in herself and think they are the most exciting toys...

Sometimes I help her, just to get the hunting over with, and hold her close to the cieling, or wherever the flie is, and she really apriciates the help
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She will chase a fly around the livingroom so fast her feet never touch the floor and hits the vertical blinds which sounds like skeleton bones rattling. When she finally nails it, she carefully gets down onto the carpet, opens her mouth gently, AND LETS THE FREAKIN' FLY GO!! So......she can start all over again. That way she gets more mileage out of her fly. The other seven cats just lay around and watch her whoosh by and kinda duck, as do I and my Mom. You could lose an ear as she zips by. She's the youngest at one year old so she hasn't worn out this game yet.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Chrissie, sitting good closeup.jpg[/IMG]
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I haven't noticed any of my kitties playing exterminator yet! I did see Peaches stalk a spider once. But that's as far as it went.
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OHHHHHHHHHH, yeah. Well, Suzy and Cindy don't do much, but Fawn is our little predator.

She's forever bringing "prezzies" home, but fortunately she also contributes her talents to the household bug population. Flies, moths, yes, centipedes, spiders. Lots of times I've come upon her still toying with something, and said, "OK Fawn, time to finish him off," and a startling number of times, she'll look up at me, and then take the creature and eat him. She brings worms in, when it's rainy -- big fat ones. I've never seen her eat one of those, and she does leave them lying around to dry out. UGH.
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Tailer does. I've even held her up to insects on the ceiling to "get" them and she always does. Toes doesn't even have a clue.

Yes, it's definitely a perk to owning a cat.
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Originally posted by TTMom
Tailer does. I've even held her up to insects on the ceiling to "get" them and she always does
I do the same with Chivu!!
At first he didn't understand, but now I only have to pick him up and he immediately starts checking the walls. He's not the least bit scared when I hold him high above my head, only totally devoted to the task of catching spiders
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yes yes,,,we use to have a horrible fly problem, but not anymore...they love those things!
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Unfortunately, no. With 15 cats, you would think at least ONE of them would help out.

They chase moths through the house, and beat them through the screen. Blondie ate a bee last year and half his face was swollen from the sting he got, for about 3 hours.

They ate crickets in the basement, but that's a different story..
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LOL yup my babbies are 10X better then any bug sprays & fly swatters. The only trouble is getting them to give up the prizes to be put in the trash .
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My kitty Gibbons loves to chase flies- he'll run right up the wall to get one, if he has to. Onyx couldn't care less- hes too lazy to chase anything except his laser.

The other night Gibs was after a big housefly and it was buzzing around the ceiling where he couldn't reach it, so my friend picked him up and was holding him up there so he could get it. At first he looked at her like she was crazy, then he decided it was all good and caught the fly.
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Luca brought me her first pressie on the weekend. She spotted it, decided that it was hers, stalked it and killed it. And deposited it very proudly at my feet. It was a lovely... concrete stone!

I told her how clever she was and gave her lots of love!

My two catch crickets, moths and flies. Yum yum...

Munchie boy once caught a frog. He foamed at the mouth very badly with that. We phoned the vet, the first thing he said is "Where is the frog?" - it was in the passage watching us. We told him. He said - "pick it up and put it back in the garden. Munchie will be fine". Munchie also brought me a dead bee once and caught a couple of birds, but because he had such a gntle mouth - they were totally unharmed and we let them go.

As an aside, I was playing with the cats and the laser pointer and Luca chatters at it as though it was a bird! So funny!
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A couple of springs ago we had a mouse problem. The little greys one coming all the way up here to the third floor, stupid. We'd know something was going on because Prudence, the matriarch, would sit and stare at the wall for days, then Loki, the hunter, would come, and so on.
When the stupid thing finally came out it was like they took turns with it, yuck.

Ever try catching a kitty with a mouse?
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Originally posted by 55Dali
A couple of springs ago we had a mouse problem. ...

Ever try catching a kitty with a mouse?
Good Luck! Get within two feet and the cat picks up the mouse and moves it just far enough, with a look that makes it quite clear who it belongs to.
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Bugs and flys (even bees) have died a horrible death at my house. Max is a poly and he can swat a fly out of the air faster than I can with a fly swatter. Having a exterminator in the house is a definate plus!
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I do get the occassional mouse - they have nerves of steel to run the gauntlet of our outdoor ferals, just to enter a house with 10 cats. They eventually kill them and leave them in interesting places for us to find (inside my briefcase, under our bed pillows) - at least I'm glad they don't eat them.

Bugs are outstanding fun here, but I always kill the wasps and bees for them - don't want them to get stung in their mouths. June bugs and crickets appear to be their favorites but spiders and moths are right up their for entertainment value.

When we lived in Texas with our Manx Max (over the bridge now), we had the little lizards that he loved to catch. He obviously had "tail-envy" - he would pull their tails off and carry them around the house with him. We found more dried up tails when we lived there! :-)

I don't bother with an exterminator here.....
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Theyre great to notify me of bugs and such that may have made their way in the house Once in a while I get an ant on the kitchen floor and they alert me right away so I can get rid of it. Im not surfe if they would eat them though. But at least they see bugs I might otherwise miss!
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yes my boys love to go after a fly or a bug, my stripy got after a spider one time and it bit him made him really sick, had to take him to the vet, needless to say that was a expenise spider but im sure he doesnt know that the spider is what made him sick so if another comes along hes right after it.
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Mine get those little green lizards that get in the screened porch, I'm scared of them. I make my daughter come and rescue them from the cats and put them back outside. They get after flies too, but I dont like to see them eat them. I try not to let them eat them. Once they brought in a locust that was alive and a crawfish! That crawfish was a real surprise! It looked like a mini lobster, thats the strangest thing they have ever brought into the house. We used to have a chain link pen that was covered on a cement pad with a cat door leading out to it and thats when they brought in the big stuff, like the crawfish. We no longer have that now, just 2 screened porches for them and they can only get what comes in there now.
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