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how do i calm my poor kitten in heat?

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A couple days ago, my seven month old kitten started yelling at everything. At first, my boyfriend and I thought she just wanted more attention because she is a pretty vocal cat already. The next day, we noticed her sticking her little butt up in the air and she was shaking so bad it was sad. I immediately called and scheduled her an appointment to get spayed, but they can't see her for another two weeks. Is there anything I can do for her in the time? She seems so miserable and I just want to soothe her until her appointment.
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Unfortunately, all you can do is make sure she stays inside! I'm sorry they're making you wait a few weeks. frown.gif
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Goodness me!


Please find another vet.

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Its a low cost spay and neuter clinic. That's why I have to wait.
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I would just keep her confined at this time. Make sure she doesn't get outside under any circumstances. She might bolt for the door, so be careful. Maybe keep her in your room until she is spayed and recovered. I would call and see if you can get on a cancellation list. If you told them she was in heat, then that could be why they are wanting to wait the two weeks. dontknow.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifcaticon.gif
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I have read cat nip and a lot of attention can help calm them. Anyone ever heard of it helping?
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It certainly can't hurt. And I'm not surprised that your vet wants to wait until she's out of heat to get her spayed, that's common.

Vibes for you and your baby girl. vibes.gif
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My first cat went into heat before we could get her spayed (we lived overseas and the military vet had a long waiting list), and it was awful! I can totally sympathize. Anyway, one thing that seemed to help was a heat pack on her abdomen. . .it really calmed her down. And sometimes putting her in a warm, dark room would make her go to sleep and would give us a few hours of silence. But mostly you just have to put up with it. And now you know that any cats you get in the future should be spayed at 4 months tongue.gif.
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  Even if she was spayed immediately, it takes time for their hormones to level out. For the time being the best thing you can do is keep her litter box very clean, as in every day scooping. Don't leave any clothing, bags, boxes around, be very tidy to avoid her marking anything. Keep her company, answer her calls and let her know she is not alone, give her a lot of attention, holding her especially when she is shaking. catman.gif

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Just know that her behavior is probably causing you more alarm than her. I know it can be very disconcerting, especially if she is very vocal and it does sound as if she is having a rough time. And as the others said, even after she is spayed, it takes a while for the hormones to die down. Don't worry though, she will be fine. And yes vets do prefer to do a spay when the cat is not in heat, and it is better for the kitty too because you want to make sure the vet gets all the ovarian tissue. 

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My sympathies to you - it can be very distressful to watch and feel helpless. I have had to kittens go into heat at 4/5 months before the vet would spay them at 6 months. One of them managed to get out of the tiniest crack in an open bedroom window, fell two stories and came back pregnant and with a broken leg. - they will do anything to get out. But often a first heat only lasts a few days, so you may not have to endure it very long.
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I'm kind of surprised that a spay/neuter clinic wouldn't spay a cat regardless of heat.  The clinic I've taken my cats to will spay cats and dogs in heat or when pregnant for an extra fee.


Maybe check at other clinics or your local humane society?

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Thanks for everyones advice. Im going to try that heat pack on her abs. Cat nip has worked wonders. It chills her out for about an hour or two depending on how much she eats. I've been rubbing her all over and she's been intensely cuddling with her dad at night. heart.gif I know I am worried than I should be, but she's my little baby and I want her to be as comfortable as possible. smile.gif
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My kitten started heat today :( well i dont think you can do much, be sure to get him/her spayed or neutered AFTER its out of heat there is a high risk of death if getting fixed in heat...


SO... what im doing is getting a towel and putting hot water on it. Get your kitten then let it sit on it. I just did that and she  isnt mewing much and is pretty much like her old self :)


Im really sorry your cat is in heat i hope it comes out of it soon!

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Originally Posted by SunnyKitten View Post

My kitten started heat today :( well i dont think you can do much, be sure to get him/her spayed or neutered AFTER its out of heat there is a high risk of death if getting fixed in heat...



That's not really true.   the spay is slightly more difficult due to the engorgement of the tissues and larger blood vessels. Spaying in heat does not carry a significant risk to the cat but, since extra surgery time is frequently required, an extra charge may be incurred..... Others (most I know) will wait until she is out.  Just make sure she is up to date on her immunizations and has been to the vet before otherwise they may wish to do that a week or so BEFORE scheduling a spaying. 

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Yeah.. My kitten ended up being in heat when we took her. The only difference was that they had to make a bigger incision to get everything out. She had to have pain meds, but other than that she was fine.

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It really is too bad and so sad that after all these years with millions of cats and this problem that science has not come up with a relief plan that works.


My cat still has nursing kittens (about six weeks old) and she is going nuts with the symptoms making all of us not happy

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My poor kitten is going through the sane thing. The best thing you can do for her right now is provide lots of attention. Catnip can help but please note that it can hove the opposite effect on some cats. Other than that, there's not much else you can do. i would also suggest not letting her look out side for fear of her getting agitated. so while your waiting to get her spayed, just be there for her. (getting a cat spayed while shes in heat can cause excessive bleeding which is probably why the vet wants to wait) Good luck!!:vibes:

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