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The Annoying Adopted Stray Cat

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Hello! guys this is my first post in this forum so please pardon for any mistakes in advance.


I adopted a stray cat when she was 3 or so months. I found her in my yard. She was abandoned by her mother. She was skinny i petty her and took her in. Although, she got used to me and i trained her too for a couple of tricks like chasing a ball, jumping for a thread-ball etc; but she never fully accepted me, as in when i would take her in our home she used to shout as for looking for escape and i had to take her outside. That said i occasionally pet her on head and back but not on belly.


I took good care of her for about 4 months. Now she is adult as she has passed 6 months. The other reason i am saying is that she is adult because she meows alot at home and in search of life partner. Even when we give her food and she eats it. She meows in a loud voice at every one at home. Which is kind of very annoying and embarissing 


Now i want you guys to advice me on how to deal with her? I have thought of few ways to stop this behaviour.


I have thought of stop giving her food. But the harsh weather has discouraged me to do so because the cat may not survive in it.


How do Cats find a life partner for themselves? i think that could also fix her heat cycles. But i don't know she is not able to find one and constantly being annoying.


What should i do about? i know a lot of you might think i should not have adopted it in first place. But i was not aware of what might happen to her if she can not find a partner for her self.


Lastly, give any suggestions other than calling Animal Control Center. I live in a developing country and there are no such organizations




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Originally Posted by waqaskhn View Post
 i think that could also fix her heat cycles.

Welcome to our Forums!


Yes, this is the best and my definitive recommendation to stop her behavior:   spaying or neutering or castrathing or "fixing" they also say.   (spay is usually sayed for females, neutering usually for males).


The operation isnt very difficult. Any decent veterinar can do it.


This is the trick to stop her heat periods, and begging for a partner to mate with, and making a cheap fool of herself in these periods.   :)


After the spaying she will also probably be a little friendlier, more home loving, easier to be with.


Although at 6 month she is still young, and playful. At least another 6 month.


As fully adult, she will be better, more personal, friend with you.



Good luck!   *vibes*

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Continuing:  when in heat, she will probably try her outmost to get out, to find some male cat.  Almost any will do when they are desperate in heat!

And the males around do feel there is a female in heat, so they are near...

If you dont want "accidents" to happen, dont let her out!


The spaying is easier for the vet, and less dangerous for her, if she is NOT in the heat.  So wait till the heat is over. Unless the vet tells you it is OK to bring her in although in heat. If the vet is a skilled surgeon it doesnt matter much.



Good luck!



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Welcome to TCS clap.gif! And thank you for taking in this kitten! She will definitely stop the howling and meowing once you get her spayed. She is in heat and that is why she is being "loud". Can you get her to a vet for this? It sounds like you really love this kitty and she has a good home with you. She is a kitten and wants to play. If you can, spend some time each day playing with her, those wand toys are great activities to share with kittens. But don't leave the wand toys out where the kitten can reach them. She could chew and eat the string and that would be bad. Good luck and get her spayed very soon agree.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifcaticon.gif
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Sounds like spaying is the answer.   Thank you for adopting a stray kitty --- once she calms down she'll bring you nothing but love and joy.  Two of our cats were strays, who came from the woods behind our house --- now they live like little princesses and bring us such joy.  


Send us pictures of the kitty.

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Yes, I have to agree. Even though you're in a developing country there must be veterinarians. I'd at least find out how much it would cost to have her spayed.

All companion animals become better pets when they don't have the hormones making them crazy. It also improves their long term health, because they can spread and catch disease by mating, or fighting because of mating, and it also helps reduce the potential for certain types of cancer.

There really isn't any way to stop this behavior other than having her sterilized. frown.gif She will go into heat at least several times per year. Cats do not mate with one partner, and they do not partner for life. A female can be impregnated by any number of males, and any litter of kittens can all have several fathers. And the behavior you describe is a cat in heat. So either you just take your chance that she considers where you live "home," and she comes back after her need to mate... and you figure out what to do with the kittens she will bring you! ... or you see if you can figure out a way to afford to have her spayed. cross.gifheartpump.gif
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She is a wild one... any advice on how to take her to the vet.... Meaning how to catch her...

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Originally Posted by waqaskhn View Post

She is a wild one... any advice on how to take her to the vet.... Meaning how to catch her...

How do you mean? Catching your inside kitty?  You cant?    Or do you mean how to transport this lively and wild kitty?


Transporting yes, you must have something to transport her in. You cant carry her in your arms unless she is VERY docile.  I wouldnt recommend it anyway.


You use a tranport carrier.  If you living in a "foreign country" dont have transport carriers there to buy, you can made some.  But it must be something sturdy, so she cant claw herself loose.  Cardboard box is not good, unless it is very small kittens.


Take a wood box, which you can close. Make some holes so she can breathe and you can talk to her...  And so on.  Should work fine.


Here in Sweden where we do have carriers, no problem, I saw once at the vet a woman having her cat in a big plastic box for washing clothes.  Ie her plastic laundry basket.   She bound the locket with a rope, and laid some old towel at the bottom. So her cat was entirely safe inside, and comfortable.


It looked a little ridicolous, but worked fine and was good thinking.


I have a memory of this.  I was often retelling this tip for an emergency carrier.  And once I was retold and was thanked:

They had a fire in the house! The owner remembered my advice, so she quickly let her two cats into her plastic laundry basket, laid on the lock, and took out this basket with cats out...   Puuh!  The house got severely fire damaged, but all, people and cats, get out unharmed.   :)


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Good advice above by Stefan biggrin.gif Can you pick her up ? dontknow.gif If she is not that tame, then you might have to resort to trapping her in a crate. Meaning, feed her in the crate for a few days. Then once she is comfortable eating in the crate, sit quietly near the door, and close it quickly, and gently while she is inside eating. OR you might have to use one of those Havahart traps. But if you can pick her up and hold her now, you might just be able to get her into a crate. I find the crates that open from the top, are the easiest to get the cat's into. caticon.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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