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I've learned to comb my hair out while it's wet and catch all the loose hair with my fingers before I blow dry it. . . .
My daughter on the other hand manages to leave hers all over the house.

I had very long (below my waist) hair which I cut off and donated to Locks For Love last year. That's another good solution to the problem

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My bf would kill me if I cut my hair
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LOL!!! It's always men with hardly any hair that prefers ours long. Maybe you should surprise him Sicy I did with my hubby, after having my son I wacked it off, I don't think I'll wack that short because he started comparing my hair to Einstein's!!! LOL!! Yeah, I've broken a vacuum also!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! I think Kev won't have any problem getting any hair from the long-haired women in here!! LOL! Kev don't call it quits yet, we're in the same age group, even though I've found more gray hair!! Don't think I'm wiser yet though LOL!

btw I've scanned my pic on the laptop but can't figure out how to copy it to a CDr-rw disk and the scanner we do have really screws up with the USB connection on our computer so we can't use it except on the laptop. Once we figure it out, you guys maybe get a chance to see the frizzhead! I'm a bit camera-shy!!!
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I have long hair too! Every now and again Twig will hit it when I am sleeping to wake me up so he can go under the covers. If I don't wake up, he will literally PULL it in his mouth until I wake up. so I've learned to become a VERY light sleeper when i know he's by the bed. LOL! No cat incidents except the one in the health forum but that didn't have to do with hair. All rubber bands that come into the house are IMMEDIATELY cut into small pieces so that the cats can't swallow them. My S/O has a stash of them somewhere but he won't tell me where cause he knows I will cut them up!
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