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Do your cats "chatter?"

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This isn't Boots, but he does this at the laser dot.


Maybe it's a tuxedo cat thing? laughing02.gif

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Awww. That's cute. Lol

Yup, my cats chatter.. mostly at the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks outside though. I've never really heard it during play. Its absolutely adorable though. smile.gif
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Oh, mine also "whisper" meow. Lol
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Boots has an audible meow, but it's just a tiny little squeak. He also trills when he's excited, it's so cute. caticon.gif

Kramer's main vocal expression is his "MRRRAAAAAAAAOWWWWWWWWW" that drowns out all noise. laughing02.gif
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Mine 'chirp' or 'chatter' at animals and birds outside. It is a normal excited reaction at seeking possible prey. It is very funny watch them do it, though, especially accompanied by tail waving and body trembling. It is as if they are uncontrollably excited.
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Birds always elicit chattering from Jamie. The occasional squirrel will, too, but we don't have many around here.
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Scarlett chatters at leaves that blow by the sliding doors and windows.  Fall is her favorite time of year.  If I open up a sliding door when she sees a leaf, she'll run out, grab the leaf and run back inside.  She loves to play with them.


Muddy has an entirely different type of chatter.  It's loud and we call it his Harley Davidson noise.  He does it at food times, and in fact, he's sitting at my feet right now reminding me with his chatter that it's time for his breakfast.  I guess I'm off to feed the little piggy now!

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Lol. Both of mine do it at lights. Light reflections, laser pointer, etc.
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Weird!! I just caught Boots chattering AT Kramer while they were stalking each other pre-wrestle.

I wonder if he views Kramer as prey? Because Kramer is 3 times his size... laughing02.gif
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Totally a tuxedo thing :) tuxedo kitty does this too!

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OMG look at this one - he just looks so uncertain about speaking up laughing02.gif

Lucky has the silent meow - that is as far as she goes from chattering....
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My cat, the one who looks just like Boots, does the same thing. His meow is different, so he doesn't make that exact same noise, but it's definitely a chatter.

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Flash does the same thing when she sees a fly, or birds Sooty does as well but not as vocal

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my tux chattered when he was younger. not much anymore. I'd link you to my video, but you tube is blocked here at work, lol

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There's Buddy chattering at a fly. Maybe it is a Tux thing lol.

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