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Need nipples swollen but not in heat

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So to start my cat is just over four and is not fixed. We actually have an appointment to get her spayed this week. When I made the appointment about 3 weeks ago I informed them that my cat was in heat at that time and they said that they could do the spay. 


The reason I seek advice now is my cat was in heat very recently and acted  as she normally woul with her stages. This time however she is no longer in heat (at least all signs of her being in heat are gone) but her bottom two nipples are both very puffy or saggy. When I run them they don't seem to hurt her but normally if she was in heat she would love it. 


Any thoughts as to why her nipples are still swollen? Is it possible she is just still in heat? Any info would be helpful and as I said kitty does have an appointment.


Thanks in advance :)

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It's probably a false pregnancy (unless she got out and then it might be a real pregnancy!). The spaying should take care of it.
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I presume she may have got an inflammation in there.  Almost the same answer as above:  let the vet look at it when in for spaying. She can get some antibiotic pasta if necessary.

The spaying will also lessen the risk for inflammations in nipples, I think.

I know for sure spaying lessens risk for inflammations in uterus.


Getting in heat in wain year after year is not good, not as bad as having litters too often, but not good.  So you did well deciding for this spaying.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the information. She is not pregnant as she is an indoor only cat. The appointment is Monday so I will know for sure then but at lease now I am a little less nervous for her.


Thanks smile.gif

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I wanted to follow up and seek further advice if possible. So my cat was brought in on 11/8 and was spayed. Everything seemed to be fine and the vet said that her nipples would go down in size that it will just take about 3 weeks. My cats nipples are still enlarged and have not reduced in size at all. Is this something I should be worried about or is this normal for it to last this long? Her Incision looks fine but she is still lazy and just sleeps but seems okay otherwise. 

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