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Debby, she is such a cutie pie! Where does time go! it seems like yesterday that you were prego with her! I can't believe how much she has grown! what a beauty! You should enter in a beautiful baby contest!
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 rolls of film ready to turn in and one roll in the camera that is almost finished, so as soon as I get my butt in gear and finish off the last roll, I will turn them all in at once and have several more pics to show. *I am rather proud of her, can you tell????*

She is the sweetest little thing, but boy does she have an ATTITUDE!!!! (she gets that from her father, of course... )
She is already stubborn, and even though she knows not to touch or mess with certain things in the house, and knows full well the meaning of the word no....she will just look at me....wait a few seconds, and try it again...all the while looking me right in the eye like... what are you gonna do about it???? The onery little thing!!!! We may have problems down the road!
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Debby Hon, it does not get any better!!!They get worse as they get older!
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So I have heard!!!!
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She's so cute!!! Thanks for sharing that picture Debby - now go finish that last roll of film!!!
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Yes, more pictures. She is such a cutie!
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you have some really cute kids, looking forward to seeing more pics
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