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Amber on vacation picture

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I only have a few minutes left online...where does the time go????? I haven't even gotten to read most of the new threads here...so I hope I haven't missed anything important...but I wanted to spend the rest of my time scanning and posting this one picture of Amber and my step-son Blake that was taken on vacation. I haven't even gotten MY film from vacation turned in yet, but my neice sent me this picture she took there. When I finally get my film turned in and can scan some of them I will show more.
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Awwwww! She's beautiful!

Nice to see you, Debby.
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What a sweetheart
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Oh my goodness she is so big! Great picture of those two in the pool! Looking forward to new shots soon.
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What a beautiful baby girl!!! Looks like they both had fun.
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Thank you! I am embarrassed to say that I haven't even turned my film in yet!!! But I will!
This was taken in one of the pools at the resort. She was in the little floaty thing my neice bought her...she didn't like it at first and cried some, but then she decided it wasn't so bad and actually enjoyed it! Blake (my stepson who will be 13 on Sunday) is so great with her!!!!!!!!
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Oh Debby...she is just the cutest!!! She has grown like a weed...it's amazing how much bigger she's gotten since the Easter pictures. It's great to hear that Blake takes good care of his baby sister...that's so sweet! Many kids at his age are not into taking care of babies...it's such a great learning experience for him! He's a real cutie too! Before you know it he'll be driving and going on dates!

Can't wait to see more pic's....turn in that film girl! We're dying to see them!
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Aww she's so cute!
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Aww look at that sweetness!
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AWWW, Debby! She is so cute!
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OMG Debby, she is so beautiful! I love those chubby widdle cheeks!
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now...that's a cute baby!!
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Debby, she's getting so big! She's such a beautiful baby girl!
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She is a beautful!!!
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Awwww.....and you only post one pic!!! How dare you keep her total cuteness to yourself...more pics...more pics...!!!!

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Debby she is just SO adorable! You'd better turn in your film asap as we need to see more pics of her sweet face!
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Oh my gosh! Is that little Amber!?! She's gotten SO big! I can barely believe it!

And Blake's quite the handsome guy too! It's sweet to see him watching his little sister.
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She looks just darling! Get that film developed!
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Debby, Amber is a cutie pie! Can't wait to see more pictures.
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She is beautyful Debby! I can´t wait to see more pics!

I know your problem with undevelloped rolls to well...I just had 6 rolls develloped, those were pictures since last March!!! And I have another just finished roll, and one unfinished in my disposable underwater camera with swimming pics of my son...I think I really NEED a digital camera...I might not get them printed either, but at least I can send them.
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What a sweet picture!
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She just gets prettier and prettier! It is nice to see you here Debby!
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Oh Debby, she is soo cute!!! Thanks for sharing her with us!
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What a sweet, adorable baby you have!!! I want to pinch her cheeks!
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She's such a cute little girl.
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Awww.... she's totally adorable!!!!
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DEBBY - SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Blake's good looking too! Gosh - the thread is already up to three pages - I was expecting more pics . Go get that film developed! I agree with Kass - she's too cute to keep all that cuteness for yourself!!!!!!!
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I can't believe how much she has grown! She is a beauty .
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Both kids are adorable, Debby!
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