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Cat pooing clear mucus

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My cat has "pooed" mucus 2 times in the past 2-3 hours. So far each time you can actually hear him do it. Only mucus comes out (no poo).. the first time there was more and a few spots of red. The second time there was less, and no red. There is also no scent to it. He's acting a little slow or "quiet" today. I found this And I think he may have eaten a ribbon, he finds them EVERYwhere and chews/eats them so fast. Will he pass it? If I bring him to the vet, what will they do for him? How can I tell how serious it is? He hasn't thrown up at all and I haven't noticed any litterbox/eating differences because this I just noticed him doing this a couple hours ago. Is there anything I can do/feed him that will help him? Thank you.

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He just now tried to go to the bathroom.. nothing came out but a small amount of the same mucus.. with maybe a LITTLE bit of brown. Did he poo because he felt like he had to, but it was just the mucusy stuff? Or is he really trying to poo and that's all that comes out?



Edit: And he also just let me know the water bowl was low.. so he has thirst! He's still not acting his total self though.

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I would call your vet ASAP and explain what your kitty's symptoms are.  They will probably want you to bring him in.  They can feel his body and see if his organs feel normal, especially his intestines.  If he swallowed a ribbon and it tangled around his intestines, the vet may need to do surgery to save the kitty's life. 

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