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Feline Seizures?

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K, First off, history of the cat

She just came home from the vet and is now on Phenobarbitol; she has been through a set of tests, and the vet classified it as Idiopathic Epilepsy (not sure about the spelling of the first part).

From what I understand that means that she has epilepsy for no known reason.

We will be proceeding with the treatments for Callie, but I am looking for info on how to make her more comfortable when she is having a seizure and after it happens.

Thank you for your time, I have never had to deal with a pet with this condition before.
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I've never has a cat with epilepsy, though I have been told that there is no awarness during a seisure. After the episode I would make sure she is in a quiet room until she gets her bearings back. If there is alot of activity around she may panic.

Good luck with your baby and keep us posted.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Callie is having seizures. How scary!

I have never had to deal with that kind of situation, so I'm not much help. I did do a search on this site and found a link to a website that explains in detail about seizures & medications that are used. I do hope that this may help you...even though it doesn't say much about keeping your kitty comfortable during a seizure. Here's that link for you: http://www.pawcare.com/rclemmons/seizures.htm

I'm sure our Experts will chime in here soon to help you more. Wishing you and Callie the best of luck and welcome to TCS!
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I found this link also...it explains it better and is easier to understand. Sometimes medical sites are too hard to understand with all the Medical Gargon.
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Hi, thank you for the prompt responses! It is pretty stressful, the seizures are happening approximately every 12 hours, and they also seem to be getting less severe so we are hoping she will be ok

I have to admit, seeing my cat have a siezure was quite a shock, I thought she was going to die

Fortunately though, the tests came back negative for all the nasties, and the vet thinks that things will be ok

I will be sure to read over the information (fortunately both had printer friendly versions )
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Good luck and please keep us posted on Callie!
Many hugs to you and your furbabe!
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is there any un-natural behavior prior to the seizures themselves?
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No unnatural behaviour; she starts panting then within 2-4 seconds she starts going through the seizure.

When she gets past the seizure it takes a few minutes to calm down and clean herself and her behaviour returns to normal. She usually rests for awhile after the seizure.
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When I was growing up I had a black cocker spaniel named Sam. He was diagnosed early as epileptic and was on medication all his life. When his seizures would start, I would go to him and just hold him until they passed. It was heart wrenching to watch and I felt so helpless, but he lived to be 13 years old and died of old age. The only cat I ever had that developed seizures had been diagnosed with feline hyperesthisia. Unfortunately while they were trying to get a handle on this disease, they over medicated Bacardi and she died. I used to just wrap her up in a towel and sit with her, then clean her up afterward because as you know, they lose control of their functions when in the midst of a seizure.

You might try this board for assistance. The people there work in emergency cat care and also rescue. They are strictly down to business in their answers and have been a great help to me in the past.


Best of luck!
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This is how we treat seizuring cats where I work: when your cat is having a seizure, try to elimate all things that stimulate her. Ex: turn off the lights in that room, no loud sounds (you can put some cotton in her ears to eliminate noise) and don't move her or touch her excessively until the fit passes. Also, laying her on a soft blanket to avoid accidental head bonks. Did your vet prescribe any diazepam/valium for her after a seizure?
Hope this helps.
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The vet prescribed Phenobarbitol to control the seizures, and she will be watched very closely over the next few days.

We have rearranged our apartment to clear out moveable stuff, and put things that could be knocked over out of reach so that nothing will fall on her.

Her seizures are rather violent, and restraining her might cause harm. I am actually going to speak to the vet because I have observed two full seizures now, and both times the violent physical seizures stopped as soon as she had a urinary release. Is it possible for a UTI or some other disorder related to her urinary/renal systems to cause the seizures?
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Toes suffered from that for about a year. After a year we weaned him off the pheno and he hasn't had any problems since then. It is so scary when they have their seizures too. I'm not so sure they don't know that something is happening because I could tell that Toes was scared to death. I held Toes during the seizures if I was there, the biggest problem was him losing control of his bladder and bowels each time. I would clean him up afterwards and then clean up myself or the house. Toes used to yowl (that painful sound they make) during the seizure. He still seized up a couple of times after going on the pheno so they had to up the medication and it finally stopped. I also had to put him on wet food only during that time and that and the meds and Dr. appts got so expensive for me that the vet actually helped me out by giving me discounts, free food and meds, and letting me make payments. I spent over a thousand on Toes in one month, but he's worth it.

If she's still seizing after going on the pheno, check and see if she needs an increase in meds. She may.
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Well, it has now been more than 24 hours since her last seizure, and the last one was much more mind, so hopefully they have subsided somewhat. Callie seems to be feeling better too, and she has returned to her normal behaviour (except that she wants MUCH more attention now )

I will be taking her back to the vet in the next few days for a check up, and continue with the medication.
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