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i was petting my cat the other day and noticed what feels like a bump on her stomach. SO i checked it out and it looks like a little pimple on her skin. She seems normal and is eating fine. is this something to worry about?
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Along a kitty's belly there are two lines along which their teeny nipples lie, then in the middle of the belly is a smooth bare spot where their belly button is. I think kitties have 6-8 nipples.

Do you think this pimple might be a nipple?

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See the colon marks above? If you laid your kitty out, belly up, with her head to the left and tail to the right you'd see a line of nipples like the colon marks. The first pair begins somewhere below the armpits I think and the last pair lay inside the fold of the hip, where the leg attaches to her body.

Let us know what you see. The nipple kinda looks like a little pimple but it is not red or swollen unless the cat is pregnant or nursing.
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Is the skin scaley? Does it look red or swollen? It could be ring worm. I would have the vet take a look if you are really worried or if the spot gets bigger.

Is your kitty fixed? If not she could be pregnant. She would only have to get out once.

Let us know so we won't worry.
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Its not a nipple because its not really on her belly, but sort of on her side, just behind her shoulder. It isn't red or swollen and has not become any bigger. its just a tine white bump. She has never been outside so shes not pregnant.
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