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Shelter Needs Help

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I saw on the local news last night that the following shelter is in severe trouble due to non-donations after 9/11 and they may have to close thier doors by the end of this year. They currently have 85 cats that needs homes or they are looking for help in any way to keep the doors open. They have been around since 1977 and are a no-kill shelter.

If anyone can help keep this shelter open, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Just to clarify, this shelter is in the Chicago area.

If I were closer, I would certainly help out! Best of luck and sending good vibes that all the kitties get good homes!
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I wonder if that's the one my MIL used? I'll have to ask. She recently moved from a rented house in Dekalb to an apartment in Minneapolis, and couldn't keep all of her cats. She PROMISED us that she took them to a no-kill shelter.

I may have to help with this one. I don't know if she would have made a donation, but on behalf of her cats, I will.
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This segment was on Fox News Chicago. They did this segment as a plea for help to keep the shelter open. THey said even if people could make a donation of a dollar, it would certainly help. I will be sending them a donation this week.

I get so upset when I see stuff like this.
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You can charge your donations online and dedicate it to one of your loved ones. I just did and dedicated it to Jethro, my black dog who was my lover of cats.

Thanks for the heads up - there are too few no-kill shelters out there and they all need our help.
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