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Cat sick on & off for 2 weeks!

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I wrote on 8-10 about my kitty who got out of the house and was gone for 2 weeks. She's had mild spasms ever since. She has had over $2000 worth of blood work, xrays and ultrasound over the last 2 weeks...

the vet's saw nothing wrong but a fluctuating liver number so they gave us clavamox for a week. After that she ended up getting a high fever, sneezing, stopped eating,difficulty swallowing & open mouth breathing. she went back in this emergency state for more IV's and then came home on Cephalexin for a week. again at the end of the week she is getting bad again.

now she has vomitted for 4 days. it was once a day till last night. we found several piles of foam/water she threw up along with one pile of food. other than the vomitting she was eating -until today she is more reluctant... probably recognizes the bad taste/smell from her experiences. normal other than that.

please -anyone that has seen anything similar PLEASE help! i can not afford any more vet visits (besides the fact that all 5 could not find anything 'wrong'). would this indicate parasites? no vets did stool exams... is that the only way to find them? i have not changed her food (wellness wet +dry chicken flavor)recently either. any advice would be appreciated !
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Honestly from the symtoms you describe, it sounds like a terrible cat flu. They usually will last for up to 2 weeks, and the antibiotics don't show any results right away. If she's not getting any better on the "mild" antibiotics, I would ask your vet about Baytril or Zeniquin. They will both take care of just about anything.
Yes, from being outside she could have picked up a parasite, or the flu is making it difficult for her to keep anything down. Just to be safe, I would request they do a fecal.
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Is there any sign of a blockage in the intestines? She could have eated something that is causing her to be stopped up. Has she been using the litter box as usual?
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