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The kittens daddy (I think)

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He looks well cared for (more then likly by me ), he still is scared of me but I got alittle closer to him today. Isn't he pretty? Looks like snow whites twin! I'm hoping it is a he, I'm not sure yet. But the kitty is BIG.
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He does definitely resemble your gang.

Is there something wrong with one of his ears or is it just obscured by leaves?
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I don't know. I used zoom on the camara so I wasn't that close to him. I keep looking at the pic and wondering. It almost looks like he is missing an ear tip or something??? I know some feral rescues do that to mark neutared males, but as far as I know I'm the only one that gets the outside gang fixed and I don't have that done. I'm going to try to get a closer pic of him soon.
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It does really look like that one big straight blade of grass just might be blocking the view. Not that it matters anyway, I was just curious!
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He's got the rounded face and high forehead of an unneutered male. What a beautiful boy!
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Beautiful guy! No wonder the Mama fell for him!
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He's absolutely stunning.
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Val he could also be an early kitten of hers and not the dad. The feral societies tip the ear, but not as much as is shown here- if it is that much gone he either has been in a fight on he is an inbred cat and that is a birth defect. My money is on a previous fight.

He is beautiful.
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What a handsome guy! You've got some gorgeous ferals, Val!
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He is so pretty!!
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he looks so cuddlie I want to snuggle him but I know that is not possible

Hissy, he very well may have been in a fight. The black cat and him always come around when snowwhite starts calling, so those two might have gotten into it.

I kinda think he is the daddy because he was around alot before I noticed snowwhite was getting round again. But he might be a kitten from one of her older litters or possibly her brother. I have seen him off and on for awhile put he has been hanging around alot more latly. Hopefully I can be friend him. I just hope he is not picking on ashton.
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Ohhh Val, he is precious.

I hope he comes round more often.
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WOw he's pretty.
If its him. It's so amazing that dad and mom have white furs! Hope you will get closer to him real soon! GOOD LUCK..
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He is a beautiful white cat. I love white cats!
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here is a close up of his face. It looks like the one ear is missing a piece for sure.
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Hmmmm, I'm not sure about that. Like I said before, I think his ear is obscured by the kind of wide blade of grass that is right in front of it. In fact, I think you can see a little of the pink tip of the top of his ear in the blowup pic, that lines up properly with the bottom part that is showing.

See what I mean?
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I can see the tip of his ear at the top of the grass...

BTW, hes beautiful!
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Maybe the ear split? Anyhoo he is just stunning! Hope you can trap and neuter him soon. If Ashton is fixed I doubt he will pick on him. Different scent.
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Wow, he does look a lot like Snow White, look at the eyes! I wonder if he is from her first litter? Or maybe her brother? What a handsome guy he is!
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I do see the pink..hopefully it is just the grass blocking.

He MIGHT be from her first litter but I kind of think he is her brother. I used to think he was her and get jealous because I would see the white cat sitting in my neighbors yard and I always thought of snowwhite as "mine" since I was spending so much time trying to befriend her. Anywho, one day I was feeding her and saw him on top of the chicken coop So he has been around for quite awhile. he looks ALOT like blizzy. He has longer hair then snowwhite, I guess that is where nimby gets if from. I havent seen sherbert or his daddy is monthes I hope they are okay. The dad did have a collar on so maybe he belonged to someone and they adopted sherbert too. I think lilly has found a new home, I go weeks with out seeing her but then she stops by looking well feed.
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It would drive me crazy to not be able to get my hands on him! This just look and no-touch-me is baddd. Listen to this!! I trapped my Tinka feral 3 years ago, shut her in a small bathroom and tried to gentle her. I got her fixed and back in the bathroom to heal and I held her for hours. But, soon as she was released to rest of the house, she never let me near her again. I had to use a net and sneak up when she was asleep to get her back to the vet for more shots LOL. Right now she's asleep 3 feet from me, knowing I will not touch her and scare her. She will sniff my hand and lick it, but will carefully back away if you move another inch towards her. Don't know if I will ever hold her in my arms darn it. Three years of "so near and yet so far".[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Tinka on Fur.jpg[/IMG]
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Wow, if he is a male cat, how handsome! And he does resemble Snow White.
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Boy, it is hard to tell if his ear is intact or not. But what a gorgeous kitty!!!!

Good luck trapping him!
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