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I need some board magic.....

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yesterday my Dad was admitted to the hospital with Reanl failure, Congestive heart failure, and a blockage in the lower part of his intestines. Dad is a stubborn man(gee I wonder where I get mine from) and has been refuseing to go to the Doctor for over a month.

After Mom called me yesterday at work and told me that my Dad was once again having stomache problems with nausea, vomiting etc. I took off to their house and with the threat of bodily harm onto my person got my Dad to the Doctor. I told Dad that he could threaten me all that he wanted to and after he got to feeling better he could whip me like I was a little girl again but he was going to the Doctor anyway.

Dad is usually a patient of the VA hospital, the closest VA is 2 hours away in Lake City FL. The Doctor here in town at the Urgent Care clinic advised us that he may not make it to the VA and was admitted here in our local hospital until he was stable enough to be transfered to the VA in Gainesville FL which is 3 hours away,since the Lake City FL. VA didn't have a bed and no longer does surgery.

I need all the prayers and good vibes that this board can give for Dad to get better I am not ready and I never will be to loose my Dad
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Oh Cathi!

Sending major vibes fast that your daddy will be okay!

Keep us updated

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Thanks Sam, we need all of the prayers we can get right now.
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None of us are ever really ready to loose our parents I think. My prayers that you will not have to for a long time to come.
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Oh Cathi! I am so sorry. Mega healing vibes going your dad's way. I will be thinking of him.
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tons of good vibes coming your way
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Aw CAthi, I'm sorry your dad is so sick. My thoughts are with you all. And I know how you feel about not being ready to lose your dad. My mother is not well and it's really hit me lately that the possiblity is that she might not be with us much longer. I'll keep you all in my prayers.
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Sending major healing vibes to your dad! And calm, peaceful ones to you, your mom and the rest of your family, to get through this crisis.
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I am sending as many get healthy vibes and prayers from Toronto that I can. Hopefully he will get stronger and better every day!
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Lots of get-better-soon prayers for your dad!

and hugs to you! (((hugs)))
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Healthy vibes going out to your father, Cathi. Thank goodness you went to his house! I would say the gods are already smiling on you for that.
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major vibs and prayers from NY
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Sounds just like my dad. He never goes to the doctor.

I hope your dad gets the care he needs. I will be sending tons of board majic!!!
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Positive waves coming your way from Kansas City. That was really cool of you to tell him in no uncertain terms that he had to go to the doctor. It's so hard to do that as the "child". You go girl!
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Hope everything turns out ok for your Dad. I know how it is. My Dad is the same way.
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Positive prayers being sent to you and your dad.

Thank goodness you did drag him to the hospital!
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I'll be sending positive board magic to your dad and keeping him in my thoughts. I hope he gets well soon.
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So sorry to hear you Dad is ill. Good thoughts and prayers on the way.
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Sending board magic, prayers, and get-well vibes to your dad, Cathi! I'm sorry he's so sick! I hope he gets better soon!!!
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prayers for u and your dad coming from singapore....
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I just got in from the hospital. Dad is not doing as well as hoped. He was put on Dialysis(sp) to clean his blood since all of the poisions from his system was at a dangerous level. After returning to his room the site in his upper chest area where the shunts were inserted for the process has continued to bleed. At one point when the amount of blood was very heavy the nurse got me to put pressure on the area until she could go and get some help to get the bleeding stopped.

I have never done that before but I would have stood there and put pressure on my Dad all night if neccessary. Please, please continue to pray for my Dad Thank you to all who have already put Dad in their prayers.
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Prayers from California coming your way.
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Omg Cathi! I just now seen this thread! I'm so sorry that you Dad isn't in good health. My heart goes out to you and your family right now. Please know that you, your Dad and the rest of your family are in my thoughts and my prayers. Sending lots of good vibes to your Daddy and many hugs to you!

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I'm so sorry. This must be so difficult for you. I pray that your father is in good hands and is being kept comfortable.
Take care of yourself.

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Dad is still not doing very well at all. Please keep the prayers coming for him. The Doctors can't get the bleeding to stop where the shunts were put into his chest for the Dialysis.

Thank you all for the well wishes and the prayers
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Cathi, I'm so sorry this is happening.

I'll send lots of prayers for your dad to get better soon!

And hugs to you for being such a good daughter! (((((((hugs)))))))
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I will still pray for him! I hope things turn around quickly!
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Oh Cathi, prayers from my end continuing your dad's way.

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Oh Cathi!

I'm praying he's going to be okay!

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Finally we may be seeing and end to the tunnel. Dad was very slightly improved tonight after another Dialysis treatment and blood transfusions from the blood loss of last night and earlier today.

The Doctors are talking about a procedure where they go in and put a tube between the kidney and the bladder to open the tube that runs between them(sorry I don't know the right names for these things). The only choices we (my Mom,2 brothers, and Sister) had to make were, this procedure, Dialysis for the rest of his life, or GOD forbide...death. We all decided that Dad will go through the tube procedure.

Keep the prayers coming. Mom has requested that I send a special "Thank You" to all of TCS members who have been praying for Dad. I printed out this thread to read them to my Dad. We appreciate each and every one of you
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