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Raw Food

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I was wondering if anyone feeds their cats a raw food diet. One of my cats, Abby, has become really scabby and ichy, lately. I am not a big fan of the food that is available and being in a small rural area it's hard to find good quality cat food. So I am trying raw food to see if it helps. At a natural foods store today I found Steve's Real Food for Cats. They will have Steve's in the morning plus a chicken wing in the evening. This will be their meals for awhile, to see if it clears up Abby's skin. I just thought I would see how people felt about raw food diets.

By the way, I love this message board. I don't post very often, but I check it frequently.

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Maybe you need to let a vet ck her out to see if something is wrong with Abby just to be on the safe site . The vet can also explain the food issue what would be best for her .
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I had planned on taking her to the vet for a checkup, but in the mean time I didn't think a change in her diet would hurt.

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You should definitely take her to the vet to see what the cause is, it could have nothing to do with the food. If you want to feed raw, please be careful about proper hygiene, ie. don't leave the food out too long, and also watch out for anything with little bones. I work in a cat hospital, and we frequently get sick cats coming in because their owners switch to raw food but don't take enough precautions, such as cats getting bones stuck in their mouths, salmonella from chicken, etc. hope this helps!
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Science Diet makes a prescription food called ZD Ultra. You can only get it through your vet and its a bland food for pets w/allergies.

Sounds like your cat has an allergy. It could be from food, or something new in the house. Also, anything outdoors that can be coming indoors from the breeze (like pollen, dust, etc).

Have your vet check her out and the first thing he may suggest is a food switch and the best way to go is ZD Ultra.

Good luck!
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Hi, I just wanted to say that I know tanya and her cats, Abby does good on higher quality food. She didn't start itching until she was put on a lower quality food with more corn (maxximum nutrition). Around here, you have to drive more than an hour to find anything decent.

I think her motive was to find something that would be healthy for abby, without having to drive so far or order online.

Any other thoughts on raw foods for cats? Anyone feed a raw food diet?
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