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Hoooraaahhh!!!! Sorry but I just had to tell someone that I'm getting my 6th baby tonight!! Another rescue kitten of just 8 weeks old!! (Young I know but I'll take good care of her!) I haven't decided on a name yet so if anyone has any good suggestions of cute cuddley or unusual name - talk to me!! Oh the excitement!!.....in exactly 45 minutes from now I'll be collecting her......woooohhhhoooo!!!!!!

:laughing: :baloon:
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BodLover; I feel your EXCITEMENT ! ! !

I am so-o-o-o-o ENVIOUS. . . . . . .

It seems like everyone is getting new kittens !

Soon this Site will be filled with new pictures of all the new babies!!!!
I can just taste all the LOVE here.
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Nothing like a new baby!
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Oh please post pictures of your new baby when you get her!!!
how about....Sheba for a name???? Or Ghost...
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Just thought you might like to know that the new baby is fine! shes very small but sooooooooo cute! She looks just like one of my first cats that was taken from us last year!(he escaped unfortunately and was in a road accident, but we still love him xxx) We decided to call her Ebony as shes nearly all black with cute little white socks on every paw and a little white chin with a flash of white up her podgy little cheek! I love watching her waddle around and all my other babies seem to find it amusing too! She had quite an audience last night! Thanks for all the interest!

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Ps, I will try to post some pictures of her asap, but I haven't got any developed yet! But I could put some on of my other babies,hm.....maybe I will if I can figure out how to do it properly!

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Hi all, just me again, I don't have any pictures of my new baby "Ebony" but I thought you might enjoy these pictures I found on the net of a Birman kitten who looks just like mine! (she came to live with us in March) I think they must be related!
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For some reason I cant put them on one reply, (Im a bit dim, sorry!)
so heres the other one!

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And one last one cos it was just too cute to leave off!
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Oh those pictures are adorable!!! Can't wait to see some pics of Ebony as well...and by the way....great name! I love it!!! Ebony is a perfect name for her!
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Congrats. I know you're excitment as my new baby Sugar will be coming home with me in September. It's only 7 more weeks. She's a rescue from Rene (on the board) that looks excatly like my first baby. Sandie has her sister and Rene is keeping the other sister. Have fun.


P.S. The pics you posted were absolutely adorable.
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OMG!!! I almost kissed the screen when I saw the last pic of that kitten!
Look at those little pink toes! I've never been partial to white kitties...but I could make an exception after seeing those little piggies!
(and NO, I don't have any weird foot/paw fetishes!) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Good luck with your new baby, can hardly wait to see pics!

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Cleo!!! I'm glad you said that!!!!!, because I thought the same thing when I saw that last picture....I wanted to grab those little toes and kiss them! And I don't have a foot fetish either! :laughing:
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Hi everyone, sorry but there won't be any pictures of Ebony posted, as she died last night at just 8 weeks old. Please read my thread "Another baby joins Rainbow Bridge" in the cat lounge.

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Bodlover....I said a much longer response in your other thread...but just let me say here, also, how very sorry I am
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