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Hello From Colorado

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Hi, I adopted a kitten from the CARE program ( Colorado Animal RescuE) and have had her for about 20 days now. She is around 14 weeks old. Ryelee has been so much fun, it has been a long time since I had a cat. She is a very active and curious little girl hehe. She has taken to sleeping with me at night which hubby isn't too keen on but it's where she wants to be . I look forward to making friends here and learning lots. Here is a pic of my little Ryelee kitty.
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Welcome nice meeting you and your pretty kitten .She is very cute
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Adorable kitty. Have her worm herself into your hubbies heart and he will be feeding her snacks in the bed soon.

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Welcome to you and Ryelee both! She is a beautiful little girl, I am sure she will wrap her daddy 'round her paw in no time!
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Welcome to the board for both you and your precious Kylee. Kylee's a beautiful kitty.
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Welcome! Ryelee is so cute!
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What a sweetie! Welcome, both of you!
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awwww cute kitten, give her kisses from me please!

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Welcome to you and Rylee! She is just adorable.

If you don't mind saying, what part of Colorado are you from? I live in Lakewood.

Jump right in to the forums! We're a pretty friendly lot, and I look forward to getting to know you and Rylee.
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I am in Western Colorado.
I don't get to the Denver area very often.
Both my hubby and I were born and raised in CO,
so I guess you could say we are Colorado
natives hehe. Ryelee and her litter mates were
dumped somewhere out in the country around here
and thank goodness they all became part of the CARE
program. I would like to volunteer to be a foster
mom once we have a little larger space.
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Welcome aboard.....
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Great idea to be a foster parent and a volunteer. There is a need for people who can fill the void.

I used to live in Colorado near the town of Divide. Colorado is beautiful in the Rockies.
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Rylee is soooo cute!
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Welcome to TCS! Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to you and the beautiful Ryelee!
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Ryelee is so darn cute!
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Just curious which CARE place you got her from, I adopted my two heathens from the one outside of Glenwood Springs, awesome facility
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I picked her up right at a foster home in Rifle, not at a facility. I still had to fill out the application and paper work. The foster mom might still have an ad in the paper, it says kitties with spay/neuter and first shots. By the way I am in Silt so we live really close.
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Hi there! It looks like we've got the area covered - I'm in New Castle!

Welcome to TCS!
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OMG too funny! I wonder if "Garfield" county is where all the cat lovers live hehe. Garfield the cat would be proud hehe.
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