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I've got a decision to make regarding Luna . . .

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I'm going to get her spayed in a week or two. So, here's the dilemma. I have a vet that I take her to. I like this vet a lot; they are very nice, and take great care of Luna. I trust them. It'll cost me $130 for her spay at my normal vet.

There is also the breeder's vet, who I get a "breeder's discount" with. It'll cost me $40 if I go there. (The breeder sent me a $40 check to cover this, since she normally has her kittens altered before she lets them go home, but couldn't spay Luna since she had a cold at the time.) But, that's where we think Luna got her ringworm from. I also have never met this vet, but it's who the breeder has always used. Although, the breeder is considering switching since the ringworm incident.

I'd feel better going to my vet, in my heart, but common sense says that the breeder's vet should be fine, too. I'm tight on money right now, and I'd been planning on using the breeder's vet all along, since it would essentially cost me nothing, with the check from the breeder. But now I've been thinking about the ringworm problem, and I don't know anymore . . . what do y'all think? I want to do what's best for Luna, even if I have to wait another month (it's not like she's in danger of getting pregnant if I do wait; Ragdolls mature slowly and she's strictly an indoor cat, anyway) and save up, but money is an issue. Help!
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We just found out that our vet will match prices if you can get it in writing! talk to yur vet and explain that you are low on cash and would feel much more confident if he was to preform the spay. You may end up getting a discount! A little sugar goes a long way!
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I would call all the vets around my area to see how much they charge for her to get spayed and also some info from people you may know how they are as vets . Then you can go from there . But if you feel more confi you can wait and save money to go to your own vet. You need to know in your heart that your baby is ok by a vet . And that is importend .
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As much of a fan of saving money as I am, I would have to say don't go to the vet where she got ringworm! There is no point saving $$ on a spay only to spend it treating another problem!
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I guess the best question is, would you go to a doctor for yourself if you weren't comfortable with them. If no, then why take your kitty to a vet your not comfortable with. I know with short funds it is always a problem, but is it cheaper to speand the money at 1st, or extra money later on a sick kitty. Not to mention your own peace of mind.
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when it comes to things like surgery, I would go with the vet I am most comfortable with. I will NEVER take my cats to a vet other then mine or one that comes HIGHLY recommended. I truly beleave my normal vet would have been able to save isadora if he would have seen her before she got so sick.
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Everyone is right. Go with what you're most comfortable with and feel good about.
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That would be a hard decision but I do believe the vet that Luna is more comfortable with would be your best bet..regardless of money costs..maybe your vet could have you make payments or work something out like that so you wouldn't have to pay so much at once/??
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My vote would be to go with the vet you know & trust, and see if they can let you set up a payment plan. You're not saving any money if you end up dealing with ringworm, and it's always better to go with the vet you know & trust. Also, if that's where your cat picked up ringworm, that brings up a sanitation issue - do you want them operating on your cat?
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The little you save on money is not worth it if you don't trust the vet. Go with the vet your more comfortable with and put your mind at ease.

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I would go with your trusted vet. Like everyone else said, why would you want to chance paying more only to save money in the first place.
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