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What bad movie(s) do you love? - Page 2

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Dragstrip Girls
Kitten With A Whip
Chopper Chicks from Zombie Town
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Webb Wilder's Corn Flicks (3 short films)
Six String Samuri
The first 5 were on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The others are independent films. I would love to have all of them on tape or DVD, but have so far only found the last 2. I saw a straight to video movie called Spun, and it was REALLY weird. It had a good cast, Brittney Murphy, Mickey Rourke, Debby Harry. It is not for everyone, it is about of bunch of druggies. It had its funny moments, though.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
"even smiling makes my face hurt."
Actually, he says: "Even smiling makes my face, ache"

I'm not being a smart A.. or anything. It's just that I've seen that movie, 4 or 5 hundred times. I've lost count these days, and I know EVERY word of dialogue in the film.
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I was thinking the same thing Hope.
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I hate Grease! But I seem to watch it 10 times a week!
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Top Gun
As someone who has flown in excess of 300 times, that movie is good for only one thing - the flying shots! Its inaccurate with the airplane types, some of the footage over the sea suddenly had mountains in and the way things were done is absolutely rubbish.
Have seen it possibly more than 400 times and know it word for word, back to front, inside out - frame by frame.

On the opposite - for a real weepie - "always remember I love you" - I love that film.
For an inspirational film - the film with cuba gooding junior and Robert deNiro who is a dive master in the navy. I can watch that time and time again and be inspired how one man overcame racial abuse and a severe disability to become the best against the wishes of the navy staff. Love that and of course - "The American president" - adore seriously that film.

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Breakin' and Breakin II: Electric Boogaloo

I must have watched them 50 times when I was a kid! Hadn't seen or thought of them since then, but saw Breakin' on TV a while back and got to watching it. Ugh what an AWFUL movie!
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Puf N' Stuf

That movie must be a million years old, I saw it so many times when I was a kid!
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Grease II. Bad movie but I know all the words to all the songs in it!
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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, it was so bad, but sooo funny.
Happy Gilmore and The Water Boy, I don't know why, but I think Adam Sandler is hilarious. Haven't seen his recent films though, I do have some standards.

Also love Rocky Horror.
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