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I just want to say thank you for your beautiful page. I knew my kitty was special when we adopted her but all your beautiful words and the poem of kitt's guardian angel just reinforces that belief
purrs of love
Clarise from New Orleans
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How sweet, I see you have only one post so you must be new, so I shall also say Welcome! Nice to have you with us! Make sure you check out all the other forums - theres always loads of great stuff and even cute pictures!

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Hey!! Welcome to the forums! I am glad to see someone else is from the same area as me(Baton Rouge). I was beginning to feel like a redneck compared to all these people on here! Just Joking! Well anyway Welcome!! :flower:
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Kathy70005; I see you are new to our Site. We love new members!!!
You must come with me into the Cat Lounge and introduce yourself. . . . :dali:
We are a "MOTLEY" but "FRIENDLY" Crew.
Being from New Orleans, I bet you like your coffee strong and sweet! Do you just have 1 or are there more? We can't wait to hear all about you and him/her/them. . . . .Also, being from New Orleans; you probably could tell us all a few things about "MOTLEY CREWS"!!! :laughing2 :jarswim:

Don't pay any attention to the guy over there with the portfolio of images; eating the SPAM and VELVEETA sandwich. That's Mr.Cat and he is basically harmless until the end of the month. . . .
Nitecrawlr may want to take your picture and AirPrincess never stops playing Disc Jockey
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Kathy(Clarise) I am SO glad you have joined us!!!!!!! You should check out the lounge....my favorite haunt.. we would love to hear from you there!!!

I am just glad you found us, we are a big happy cat lovin' family, with big hearts to love even more cat lovers!!!

You should introduce yourself in the Lounge....we talk about all kinds of things there...not only our love for cats, but everything from what is your favorite food, to what brings you down, to what makes you happy, to how do you shave your legs!!! :laughing: :laughing:
You should check it out!!!

Welcome to you!!!!!!!
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