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My cats were acting goofy tonight!

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It's been storming since about 5 this evening and the cats are acting really goofy! The weather usually doesn't affect them at all, but it hasn't rained here in so long they're probably confused!

Sorry the pic's aren't the greatest...this camera isn't the best but it'll do for now.

I'm hoping I'll get some better ones of them sometime. It never fails they do something really cute when I don't have the camera near!


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Cute Shell! How's the job today?
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Much better Tammie! Thanks for asking! Wish me luck for's my big interview!
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Aww Shell, they are such sweeties! Oh Bud...Fluffers has a crush on him!
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Don't let Bud fool ya with his "manly-ness"...he's such a big wuss! LOL!
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shell your fur babies are so pretty, they seem so happy in your pictures picture are pretty good btw
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Wow those are big kitties! They look really cuddly too.
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Thanks Guys!

Here's a couple more...The first one is a crappy one, but it really shows Tiki's attitude. Now you can see what we call her Miss B*tchy!

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Adding my "good luck" for tomorrow's intw!
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Thanks! I hoping that I won't need the luck, but it's good to have it just in case!
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I think you made a mistake Shell. The first pic is a dead ringer for the dreaded... Abominable Snow Kitty! That pic also reminds me of the Ice Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back... in cute way of course.
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Now that you say that, she does kinda look like a Abominable Snow Kitty...only the mini version!! She's such a tiny little thing though...that comment will be a ego booster for sure! I'm not sure about the Ice Wampa...for some reason I can't picture what that is.

What a creative mind you've got Ryan!
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Thanks Shell. I can't really remember what the Ice Wampa looked like in the movie either. The camera work seemed to revolve around the idea of not really letting the viewer have a good look. They've made appearances in some games though. Don't let that comment go to her head.
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What great pictures of the gang!

Loving that persian attitude!

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Awww they are so cute. I love that picture of Tiki.
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Great Pics Shell
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Awwwwww, they're positively adorable.
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