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the other night as I was falling asleep, 2 of my cats thought it might be fun to scare me! one was chasing the other, and, the one being chased ran across the bed...whoosh! I barely knew what happend when the one doing the chasing, jumped on my face! I had cat claws in my cheek and the side of my head! she stayed there for about 3 seconds then away she went! I think she was surprised she had landed on me, but not as surprised as I was!
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yea , I know how it feels . It is fun isn' it ?
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They always get the crazies at night!
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sillycats, BWAHAHAHA....sorry. Have had that happen to me.

My cat rolled off her condo once asleep, but not on my head. I had to run to the kitchen to laugh.
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superkitty...lol you sound like me, running to the other room to laugh!
actually I think it was a kitty-dare, that she land on my face with her claws out!
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Ahh kitty antics!
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That sounds so familiar....the only thing my cats do that is different is come by our feet and run around and attack our toes in the process of chasing each other...I am so use to it, I think I actually sleep through it now because I woke up the other morning with a big scratch on my big toe...
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I wake up with a new scratch at least once a week and wonder what fun they had on top of me the previous night. Koko is the most nocturnal in our house - she sleeps all day and then turns "on" at night. She is always good for at least 4-5 wake-ups each night. She's so cute I just put up with it.

Oh the night-time antics of our kitties!
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i know what u guys mean...they always do such things when i sleep..esp when i need it most....
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We used to have two cats...
They used to chase each other at night when I was trying to sleep. When I finally WAS asleep, one of the cats would suddenly leap onto the middle of my stomach, followed closely by the other cat!!! ...and they always just about scared me to death every single time!!!!
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