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football season

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hey it is about time for football, any fans out there? i am a dye hard football fan, i love it, i like to watch all the games i can, but i am a big Browns fan, and Buckeye fan, i love my brownies and my buckeyes, i live about 4 hrs from cleveland and abotu 1 1/2 hrs from Cincinati but i go to both places to watch the browns, my husband is a huge Bengal fan, so it gets quite interesting in our house during football season whats your favorite team if you have one,,, i cant wait for it to start
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I'm not a die hard or anything, but being a true Nebraskan I love my Husker Football. It'll definitely be an interesting year since we canned almost all of our Coach's last year. I just hope we have great year and we shock everyone with our performance. Needless to say, last year was our worst in many many years and us Husker fans were greatly disappointed.

I'm not really into NFL, but have always wanted to go to a game. I know how exciting the Husker games are (since in Nebraska all we've got for sports are the Huskers), so I can only imagine how intense the Pro games are.

Only a few more weeks and football season will be here! YAY!
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Yes, but Shell, you guys WANT it that way! There have been NFL franchises that have approached Nebraska, seeing the die-hard Huskers fans, and have been turned down. No need - the Huskers are already there!

I'm a football fan too. I'm a big Broncos fan, hubby like Da Bears. We've been watching about all the pre-season games that are on TV so far.
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NOOOOOOO! Oh man, another season of being a football widow. Hubby is big Niners and Raiders fan.
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Da Bears! I lived for 30 years in Chicago and will always be loyal to that team.
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I count myself very, very lucky to live with a man who hates all professional sports!
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I don't really like football. I like rugby and soccer much better.
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Steelers all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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well my lot won the community sheild a fortnight ago, thrashed Bolton last weekend 4-0 - great start to Manchester United's season!

man united fan for ever
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Hey Kev, your football we Americans call soccer. This other football is somewhat like your rugby.

Hubby is a HUGE soccer fan. Watches the World Cup religiously. Crappy with the time zones, when he gets together with his buddies at 2am to watch a game. I just don't get it.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I count myself very, very lucky to live with a man who hates all professional sports!
I wouldn't do very well with a man who hates sports! My mother was actually a bigger sports fan than my dad. They never attended an Avalanche game (hockey) because she knew that she would like it so much she would have to get season tickets, and they couldn't afford both Broncos and Avalanche! I come by it honestly.
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Hubby is a Da Bears fan as well!

As for me, Im a rugby girl! Do you have rugby where you live Laura? I used to play womens rugby in NZ!

Man United Rocks!
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Rugby all the the way!

AND I must add The NZ Allblacks bet AUSSIE in the last game!!!!!!!!!


I'm a diehard rugby fan!
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they did Sam?

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I'm a basketball fan. Not much into football. I was when I was younger though! Guess it's all that grumpiness settling in!
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Yes Kellye!! w00t dE w00t

Boy was there a few proud kiwis in my house that night, I actually cried when they won it was a FANTASTIC game and the week before that they bet South Africa.. we really are coming out on top and Jonah Lomu whos having Kidney Dialis(sp?) has been replaced by this guy callede Rocko Cocko , he's soooo marveolous, I really think we will win this year!
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I never liked Jonah.
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No neither did I but this Rocko Cocko guy is just excellent! ( Good Swap)
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Is there a picture of him somewhere? Im interested.
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kellye- did a search and came up with stuff not for our eyes..

will continue looking and pm you if I find anything.
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sure you spelt the name correctly?
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Oh I found him!

Joe Rokocoko
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well it looked like that when they did the y spelt his name never mind
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Whatever happened to Christian Cullen?
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I did spell his name wrong,So Sorry!

That's him, my fave player at the mo.
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Christian Cullen... Hmmmm I think he's still playing for the lions.. but not all blacks, hey that's a tidbit of info i dont know
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I count myself very, very lucky to live with a man who hates all professional sports!
Ditto here, thank goodness!

We did watch the Spurs in the finals, though - kind of hard not to, here. I'm glad they won, especially since it was David Robinson's last season. He really is a nice guy.
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