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Catnip alternatives

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Kramer loves catnip. When he gets a strong whiff, he'll run around and around the house, try to play with the feather toy, and eventually just lie down on his back and wiggle for about 10 minutes.

But Boots could care less. He seems to fall into that small range of kitties that catnip (at least the commercial dried kind I have) doesn't affect.

Has anyone here had luck with catnip alternatives? I'd like for Bootsy to have some fun too.
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How old is Boots?
Cats don't react to it usually until after they reach sexual maturity.

As for alternatives, there is honeysuckle and valerian.

Pat, a member here, has a webstore and she sells catnip alternative toys.
Here is her site: Plain Brown Tabby
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Oh, Boots is only 4.5 months. He's already neutered, though, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

Thanks! I'll check out her store.
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Rasta rubs her body all over and acts like a high drug addict if exposed to catnip. Ricky my much older cat has never had anymore of a reaction than just a quick sniff and walking away like so what.
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Chacho is around I think 7 months old and he just recently started showing more interest in cat nip toys.   I had gotten him a cat nip cigar when I first got him and he paid no attention to it. Now he goes beserk.  I also got little kitty catnip tennis balls and he goes crazy just licking them. They look like neon yellow pom poms now because him licking them all the time.  So I'd say give him a few more months.  Like others have said, a lot of cats don't really get affected back cat nip until they're older.

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Loki has so far shown no interest in catnip or honey suckle. He's 2 years old :( Gonna try valerian next.

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