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Casper now has run of the house and for the most past things are ok but he likes to claim things that are already claimed, like the cat tree, and that's not going down too well with Calvin, my little jealous boy. So unlike Hobbes, you gave into Calvin's demands, Casper is a fighter and stands his ground. None of my boys are good at fighting and so the dynamics is problematic at times. For example, today I put Casper in his room for a while and Calvin went and attacked Hobbes. I am a little concerned about the status quo change. I do have feliway running. However, Casper's personality was changing in that one room and I think this is better for his adoption prospects. Another thing is that he does not understand the concept of grooming I think - my boys groom each other and when they try to groom Casper, he attacks them. Things are not too horrible but there are moments of tension at home.

Casper is otherwise a sweet boy and of course he is gorgeous. I think this week he will go to petsmart for showing and then there is an adoptathon there next weekend and I will be there with him. It will be really hard to let him go but I really want him to find a good home and be in his forever home fast.

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WOW you moved fast on the intros !!!! biggrin.gif But it sounds like it is going really well. Calvin went after Hobbes out of frustration. Pretty typical behavior when a newbie in introduced. I am sure Casper will get adopted fast. He has such a gorgeous coat and markings. That silver is just lovely. Sad but true.... if her were black, you might have him a long time, but since he is such an unusual color, he will get a home fast cross.gif Have fun with your three kids this week. Just tell Calvin and Hobbes how much meowmy heartpump.gif loves them and give them tons and tons of affection this week. Sound to me like they are all getting along quite well biggthumpup.gif
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Yeah, the only cats of ours that groom each other are Billy and Chumley. Ming Loy shoves her nose into other's chests, and they'll give her a lick or two on her head, but that's it. Billy tried to groom everyone when he first came inside, and they all looked at him like he was nuts. laughing02.gif Some kitties just aren't into the grooming thing.

I agree with Lauren - just a little displaced aggression.

I know Calvin's not too happy about this, but it seems like it was probably best for Caspar. He's so beautiful, I'm sure he'll get adopted quickly. agree.gif It also sounds like he'll do really well as an alone kitty. laughing02.gif

vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif for you and the boys and vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif for Caspar to find his forever home!
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Thanks for the positive vibes, Laurie and Lauren. Casper was just on my lap getting cuddles and purring. However, I see that after a while he gets overstimulated and then tries to bite - not breaking skin and his nip is not as sharp as Hobbes's but it is there. The good thing is his tail sway is a good indication of his mood. He really may be happier in a house where he is the only cat or a really laid back cat like Hobbes. I am giving a lot of love and cuddles to my boys but they are definitely a bit distracted with Casper. I think I just worry too much about the three boys fighting, mainly because I do not know Casper as well as I know Calvin and Hobbes.

@Lauren: to be honest, I was having a really hard and stressful time keeping casper in a separate room - they knew Casper was on the other side and he was getting stressed being in a room and was very withdrawn. He is way more himself now that he has the run of the house. I think given time, the three can settle in well but I really do not want him to become very close since we do not know how long Casper will be with us.  

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Certainly, I totally agree with you on this. You know your cat's, and I think every introduction situation is different and doesn't always have to go by the "books". laughing02.gif Some cat's can meet and greet right off the bat and be just fine. Other's it can take many weeks or months. And, sure, sometimes it can be MORE stressful with the resident cat's knowing there is a newbie behind that door and they can't see the newbie or smell the newbie. Can make the displaced aggression worse on the resident kitties too frown.gif. This is great that things are going so well happy2.gifbiggthumpup.gif

As for the biting while being pet... very typical with some cat's. Over-stimulated is exactly right and they will give you a bite out of feeling that way. It is almost a bit of confusion on their part too. Wendall is my kitty like that for sure. I just watch his tail, as soon as the swishing starts, enough of the pets. Then he is just happy and content to sit near me with no pets.

I would not mention to the rescue, yet, that Casper might need to be an only cat, or with a laid-back kitty. I think he will do just fine with other cats agree.gif. He just came inside over a week ago, and has met your two kitties almost immediately. Casper seems very willing to accept other cats according to what you say about him. Casper seems to be handling this new situation, very, very well IMO. His chances of being adopted quickly will rise if he can be adopted with another cat. It also depends on the personalities of the cats that will be living together. So much has to be considered for the adoptive family, even with cat-friendly cat's. I think in the days to come this week, you will get a better idea about Casper's personality, his likes and dislikes too. deg.gif

MUCH luck this week and keep us posted on things biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbigwink.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Any news on Casper?
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Sending best wishes to Casper tonight and thinking of him, you, your DH, Calvin and Hobbes hugs.gifhugs.gifhugs.gif and vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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