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OK! More questions for those of you who have been PG!!

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OK! So you guys helped me a long time ago with answering my questions about pregnancy so I thought I would ask away again!

Firstly...have any of you charted your temperatures in the morning?

Secondly....I have heard about various symptoms of being PG early on (sore chest, being tired, etc), but can you be PG and NOT have any of these??

Just wondering!

PS...this place looks different from the last time I have been here!
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Hi Carrie! It´s so nice to see you again. I have been wondering how you are doing...and weather you were perhaps pregnant!

I did not use the morning temp. thing but a friend of mine did. It worked fine, she found out her ovulation rutine and could use that information.

I must have had all the symptoms early in my pregnancy, so I was sure days before my period was due.

My sister on the other hand (she is now pregnant) had no symptoms, she was just late with her period, wich was very unusal for her. (Boy was she happy that she was pregnant!) But still the absence of symptoms did worry her a lot, but still everything is ok. Looking back she realized that she had been having more appetite though, and some tiredness, but she just started working after university was over at that time, so that was understandable.

Good luck with your production execizes.
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Carrie! OMG..It's so nice to see you!! Sounds like married life is going pretty good

Sorry no experience with being Preggo...just wanted to wish you luck!!

Hope to see you around here more...I sure miss your humor!
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Carrie, I only had one pregnancy, but I think each woman is different, and each pregnancy is different. Try not to get too nervous about this because that will just make it harder for you to conceive.

And yes, TCS is different, Anne and Hissy have been working very hard to make some improvements to the site. They've done a fantastic job but they're not finished yet.
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Hi Carrie!

After having 6 children I can say that no two pregnancies are the same. With the first I had no symptoms, the second I woke up with morning sickness, the third I was sore and tired all the time, fourth was very tiring and lots of swelling, fifth I developed gestational diabetes, last I was very emotional!

Just relax and don't stress on getting preggers, read everything you can get your hands on about pregnancy, child development and parenting! This is very important and will come in handy so often you won't believe it!
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Hello Carrie- No advice sorry

Just good to see you back, Hope ya stick around!
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I am pregnant and I had no symptoms! I didn't find out until I was 5 months along! I have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) and I am on bed rest. I have to check for protein in my urine, do baby movement counts and check my blood pressure everyday. I am happy to say that I don't have preeclampsia! The doctor was worried that I had it!

I am going to go (hopefully) until my due date, which is September 25th. Not very long to go, but baby is small for my dates.
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Hey Carrie

I didn't do anything with temperatures. I only did them when in fertility treatment a few years back to check ovulation dates.

Concerning symptoms . . . as everyone has said, each pregnancy is different. I experienced extreme tiredness, nausea (feeling sick rather than being sick), frequent peeing, heavy and aching boobs and period-pain-type aches. I didn't get any food cravings (just ate a little more chocolate than usual . . .).

You can get some of the symptoms and NOT be pregnant, how far gone are you? Is it just early days at the moment?
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Carrie - I have been doing the temp thing for 1 year now. It is a good tracking method, especially if you focus on mucas as well. Unfortunately for me it has worked since I have now found out I have trouble with my tubes. Good luck!
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