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Self Feeder

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Ok who here uses a self feeder. I'm looking for a self feeder (water) for the boys. I want one that runs constanly keeping the water cold. It would also be helpfu; if you could p[ost a link. TIA!
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I think there was someone here that posted about that recently (within the last month). I can't remember who it was. I use a self feeder but not a fresh water free feeder.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
See Sicy!! you remember everything!!!
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I once used a self water dish that was like an upside-down drinking fountain. I filled the reservoir (held about 2 quarts) and flipped it upside down onto the bowl. The water was gravity fed into the bowl. I used this for quite a while, but decided in time that the water must get contaminated when the cat drinks from the bowl (back wash). Molly never got sick, but I worried about her health.

The second self water bowl was the fountain type that Sicycatlinked to. I didn't care for mine (actually the cats didn't care for it). I bought the last one at Wal-Mart on my vet's recommendation(they stopped carrying them). I really wanted a table fountain (the kind with rocks). . . . . but they are getting harder to find.

I'm back to using a glass bowl!!

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