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hello all!

my name is michelle and i just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for all the help last night regarding my kitten's worms. i was a bit upset and unable to find help and everyone's information and prompt replies soothed my mind just a lot! so thank you again!

my kitten's name is Kylie and i brought her home a week ago from the broading kennel that i work at. she was a barn kitten as we also board horses. i just took her to the vet today and she got her first shots, worming tablets, and something for respiratory problems? time to get rid of the nose boogies! but she was fine and purred her way through the whole visit, even though he gave her a shot! i swear, nothing phazes this kido! and he said she is otherwise really healthy! he couldn't get a heartbeat though, she was purring too loudly! but she is an orange kitten with cream marble patterns and white underbelly and paws. if those markings indicate a type, i have no idea what it would be. she also looks to be a semi-longhair. when i get pics, i'll be sure to post them!

thank you again to everybody and i look forward to enjoying the site!
'chelle and kylie
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Welcome to the site Michelle and Kylie! I'm glad you were able to find the help you needed last night. We do have a lot of very helpful and knowledgable people here.

Enjoy your time here, and I look forward to getting to know both of you!
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Welcome here to this wonderful cat site .
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welcome! Did you say how old your kitty is? Can't wait to see pictures!
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I hope in time you will love TCS as much as me!

Kudos to you Michelle & Kylie.

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Welcome to you and Kylie!
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