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Are any of you still using the Chicken Layer Crumbles for Litter?

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I have been reading several sites online (including this one) about people using the Chicken feed crumbles as litter. I bought a bag today (non medicated) and my cats seem fine with it so far. However, I did read where someone was stating that kitties could get some major health problems from using this. Does anyone know for sure or have any thoughts about this issue?
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This is the first I heard about any health issues connected with this. I've been using Dumor chick crumble from Tractor Supply Co. for about a year now. I like it because to me it is the same as WBCL, for about 1/3 the price. I hate clay litter, for several reasons.

My 5 cats are all in perfect health. They go to the vet once a year for a check up and vaccinations, nothing else. They eat high quality food, both canned and dry, but take no supplements of any kind, because there is no need.

So we'll be continuing with the chick crumble for litter. We use about 50 lbs. of it each month.

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Hi Robin. I just wondered if it was still working for everyone and if anyone had any problems with it. It seems like a great, cheaper alternative.
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I tried using it but was having difficulty getting all waste out and the smell became obnoxious. My local feed store was charging .49/lb.

Hadn't heard of any health risks associated with it unless you used the medicated version. I would check the source of such info as there are "trolls" out there protecting a billion dollar industry.
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I started using it about a month ago after reading so many things online. I have 10 cats. 7 live in the whole house and share 6 jumbo litter boxes, one lives in my bedroom with his own box, and 2 in the spare bedroom with 2 boxes. I have had the same crumbles in the boxes for a month, scooping once daily. I love it. No odor, except a slight corny, livestock smell, clumps well, is much lighter than regular litter so my trash doesn't get as heavy, and the cats use it. Thats a win in my book. And the price is unbeatable.
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It's been quite some time since I've researched it, and I did use it for an extended period of time. The only reason I switched was due to having to store it in the garage. Rats discovered that grain was being stored in the garage, and I had to take measures to remove and keep them out. That included no longer storing grain there.

As I said, it's been awhile. However, the concern over using the non-medicated crumbles was not due to a toxicity to the medication. It is due to the nature of the medication used for the chicks being the same. It's antibiotics, but reduced quantities. The unnecessary and frequent use of the antibiotics created the potential for developing antibiotic-resistant diseases. Using the medicated crumbles won't make the cat sick, but can make a cat's illness very difficult or impossible to treat.
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You have to make sure you are using NON-MEDICATED chick crumbles.

I store mine in the basement. Since I have 5 cats, and my cats love being in the basement, and they have access to it all the time, rodents aren't an issue.

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