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Need help!

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I just found out my 2 kittens have tape worms, yuck! So I am going to buy them those Tape Worm Tabs, not to sound too stupid but it gives the dosage as 1/2 tab for 4 lbs and under, the bottle comes with 3 tabs, so do I only give the cat that 1/2 tab and that's it?? If anyone can help me, please let me know!!

Thank you
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I always get my tapeworm medicine from my vet - I personally don't trust the over the counter drugs. He gives me pills that are taken at 2 different times (about a week apart), and either I give a half, full or 1-1/2 pill per cat depending on their size each time.

If you aren't sure about this, call your vet. If the OTC medicine isn't explicit about how much to give and when, don't buy it. Err on the side of caution with all medicines that you give your kittens.
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I have been researching it on the internet and it is a product that was a prescription now available without one and I just couldn't find the information I was looking for. I haven't actually bought it yet. It just said it was very effective for treating tape worm.
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Please only get worming pills from your vet. Anything else you really do take a large chance in endangering your cat. The worm pills are pure poison and your vet will only give you enough for the weight of your cat and no more.
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My new kitten had tape worms too. Most kittens do have worms-its pretty common. I recomend you get the medication from you vet. and ask them to help you administer it becasue I found that it is pretty hard to give to the tiny kitten. My vet. gave me half a pill also.
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My furbabies had tapeworms recently and they were given drontal, which worked really well. Please do not give them OTC medication, it will do more harm than good. Drontal isnt very expensive - my vet visit, and pills cost me $25 for 2 cats, not bad at all.
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Ditto! Tapeworms are caused by fleas and can be reinfected if you don't treat the fleas too. I would get Revolution as it treats fleas, earmites, and ticke. It also repells mosquitoes to keep them from getting heartwoems.
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