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You were all correct in what you were sayuing in respect of getting my thumb which Vicki bit yesterday morning checked and as usual, I bow to all your better wisdom. That includes the nurse and everyone.
The strightening thing was taken off this evening and I have had a injection into the thumb as it has gone sceptic.
If anyone gets bit by a cat - do as you all say and get it checked. I have a week of antibiotics to take now.

Gonna first have a scotch (large) and hopefully goto sleep.

Thanks for the advice

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I know you've had a rough day to end all rough days. I hate to tell you this, but you might want check the label on your antibiotics or check w/your pharmacist before heading for the scotch bottle. Some antibiotics shouldn't be taken with alchohol-it reduces their effectiveness.
Please take care of yourself...I hope you can get some good rest.
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when you're feeling better, ask us HOW we know what we know about cat bites getting infected !
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Kev, there are some antibotics that can make you deathly sick if you take alcohol with them! The one that comes to mind is Flagyl. You should have gotten a info sheet along with your meds, please take a look at that.

Glad to see that you went to the Doc for that thumb! Take care...hope that hand is feeling better soon!
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