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should I worry about a scratch?

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I'm probably worrying for nothing. I just noticed that our male cat has a scratch along the pink part of his nose. It's not bleeding, and doesn't seem to bother him, but is there anything I should put on it to help it heal properly? (thinking Polysporin, but I know that's not a good idea). Also, our 2 cats have always had wrestling matches, but recently, they've included some hissing. Should I worry? We have a 3 year old female and a 1 year old male (both fixed, and both have all their claws)
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It's better to not put anything on it - it should heal fine on its own - any medicine you try to apply would just end up being swallowed by your kitty. Just keep an eye on it, and if it starts to look infected (increased reddening, drainage) take him to the vet.

To prevent more scratches - if your cats are indoor-only, you can trim their claws: using cat nail clippers, trim off the sharp, hooked end of the front claws, carefully avoiding the tender pink part.

Make sure your cats have places to get away from one another if they're not getting along - a cat tree of varying levels is ideal, or provide boxes for them to get into in different parts of your house. If there have been any other cats around (perhaps they've seen another cat through the window?) sometimes the cats will take out aggression intended toward the stranger on one another. If the aggression continues or escalates, you may need to separate your cats for a while, then try gradually introducing them according to the directions in the introducing new cats thread under the behavior forum.

Hope this helps
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I have heard this helps:

Put a little vanilla, or else something that smells like you, such as perfume, on your hands. Let it dry on your hands, but don't wash it off. Then rub your hands all over all of your kitties. It makes them all smell the same, so they tend to not be aggressive towards eachother.

Hope that helps!!!
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One of my kitties just recently had a scratch from a playfight even though their nails are clipped. One has also gotten his nose scratched too. Both scrapes were thin and less than 1/2 cm long. The vet told me to just keep an eye on it, and triple antibiotic ointment was optional. I am paranoid because he's abscess-prone. So I wiped it gently with a damp paper towel, applied a little ointment, held him and waited a while, then wiped it off so he couldn't eat it. Both times it healed fine.

My girl does hiss occasionally when she's had enough playing with the boys. No ideas on the "recently" part, though.
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My one year old fixed female hisses at every cat she meets,including the ones she lives with.She never attacks and if she gets hissed back at she runs for cover.I get the impression it does not really mean anything,if wanted to fight she is quite capable,but chooses to hiss and growl and then sit back to see what reaction she gets-usually no reaction at all.I personally would not worry about it,I would let the cats sort it out themselves and only get involved if they start to hurt each other.
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Sometimes a hissing cat can mean they are not feeling well. It could be a UTI or just under the weather. I would go and get a quick check up with a urine test just to be sure.
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